Kessil A360W
Kessil has announced an externally controllable version of the popular Kessil A350W.
The A360W wide lens version and A360N narrow lens vesrsion have a slightly greater output in the balanced color spectrum setting and a significantly greater output when tuned toward the blue or white ends of the spectrum. Unlike the A350W that has separate controls for the blue LEDS and white LEDs the A360W has one control for color balance and one control for brightness. The A360W also has an Outboard Controller Input allowing you to control both the brightness and color temperature from a Neptune Apex or Reef Keeper 2 Aquarium Controller.  The A360W can also daisy chain up to four units so a single Kessil can control the others or an outboard controller can control up to four Kessil A360W’s at the same time. With the Neptune Apex controller (and I believe the Reef Keeper 2 as well) you can set the light to start with a low intensity bluer light, ramp up during the day to a whiter full brightness, and then reverse towards the evening.  Retail pricing on the new Kessil A360W will be $449.99 and you can pre-order these at Aquarium Specialty and orders will begin shipping no later than the week of March 25th.
Kessil Press Release:

RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA (March 6, 2013) - Kessil® Lighting, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality LED aquarium lights, proudly announces the release of the A360N and A360W models. Based on the award-winning A350/A350W platform, winner of the Reef Builders 20...
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