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My Reef Creations CCR-8618 Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor

Sku: CCR-8618

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My Reef Creations CCR-8618 Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor

Sku: CCR-8618


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A calcium reactor uses carbon dioxide and a chamber system to dissolve a premium calcium substrate into your tank.  The calcium saturated result is then added to your system at an advanced rate for superior growth in your tank.  Calcium Reactors are also the easiest way to maintain the alkalinity and calcium balance.

Setup instructions are also included. Most calcium reactors are a guessing game on setting them up. No more guessing! Read the instructions and dial it in for your tank. I answer email questions within 24 hours of receiving them.

Custom setups are also possible. If you would like a different height or diameter tube, please contact up for a quote. 

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Cruise Control for your tank!

Our commercial line up of Calcium Reactors are the best in the industry; perfect for the large aquarium owner and the commercial industry.  They come standard with a Blue Line 20 HD pressure pump.  All plumbing is schedule 40 and 80.  Schedule 80 Unions, John Guest fittings and a precise metering effluent valve.  Revolutionary spray bar design that mixes the CO2 with the media in a more uniform pattern.  The spray bar allows a full concentration of CO2 to penetrate the entire chamber of media allowing for low CO2 consumption and maximum output.  All are over built to handle the rigors of Commercial Abuse!

CCR-8618 Dual
Height of reactor - 23"
Reactor Chamber Diameter OD - 8"x18" & 6"x18"
Reactor Tube Height - 18"x2
Foot Print - 14"x14"   8.5"
Water inlet size - 1/4"John Guest Micro Ball valve
Water Outlet size - 1/4" John Guest Speedfit
Method of feeding - Pump/Powerhead
Needle Valve for effluent control - Standard/Outlet
Spray Bar - Standard
Water Pump (included) Pan World 40PX (Blue Line 20 HD)
Chamber Capacity - 30 Pounds
Description - Dual Chamber 8x18 With Spray bar & 6" bleed chamber

BL-20 HD included in the price of the reactors!

Additional Information

Additional Information


MRC CR Dual Calcium Reactor Guide

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Mark S

Like the fact that is was made in the US by a quality company. Thanks for taking care of me AS.

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