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Vertex Omega 150 Internal Protein Skimmer

Sku: VTPS-OM-150

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Vertex Omega 150 Internal Protein Skimmer

Sku: VTPS-OM-150


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The all new 2013 Vertex Omega 150 protein skimmer is engineering and design at it's finest.  Craftsmanship, quality of construction, and overall performance has never before been seen in the industry at this price point.  The Vertex Omega 150, with it's 6" wine glass body shape will handle a heavily stocked reef aquarium up to 150 gallons total, but is would not be oversized for systems as small as 40g.



The Vertex Omega 130 Protein Skimmer has a wine glass shaped body. The shape provides a gradual transition from the base to the neck section. By making that transition smoother, the skimming efficiency of the unit is greatly increased as it reduces large bubble formation in the body of the protein skimmer. Although this skimmer is rated for reef aquariums up to 100 gallons, there is nothing wrong with using it on smaller systems. It has a 8.5" x 11" footprint and only stands 20" tall, allowing it to fit in most sumps.

The heart of any skimmer is the method used to generate the bubbles for foam fractionization. The Vertex Omega Skimmer utilizes a custom Sicce pump made in Italy. It has a motor block produced only for Vertex that is stronger than the standard Sicce skimmer pump. The volute is also a custom design unique to Vertex skimmers that features an air intake control to fine tune the air/water mix ratio, as well as a port for ozone (if the hobbyist decides to operate an ozone generator in the reef system). Lastly, the impeller inside the Sicce pump is a custom needle wheel design made from rare earth magnets.

Perhaps the most impressive detail regarding the Vertex Omega skimmers is their commitment to noise dampening. Skimmers are some of the loudest pieces of equipment in the reef aquarium hobby and can be a significant distraction when trying to enjoy a reef tank. First, Vertex utilizes rubber feet on both the skimmer body and the Sicce pump to reduce vibration in the sump. Second, between the protein skimmer body and the pump, the connecting pipe is not a solid piece. It is actually two pipe segments bridged by silicone tubing which is there to further dampen vibration. Third, the air intake line is also made from noise-reducing silicone tubing and connects to a silencer at the top of the standpipe to virtually eliminate the sucking sound most protein skimmers make.

Vertex Omega 130 Specifications: 

  • Capacity: < 100 US Gallons
  • Dimensions: 8.5"x11"x20"
  • Air Draw: ~20W
  • Optimal Level: ~ Max 9" - Min 6.5"
  • Construction: White PVC, Red PVC-U PN-16 Fittings, Clear Cast acrylic
  • Body: Blown Cast Acrylic -one piece
  • Pump: Sicce Syncra-Custom motor-block produced only for Vertex (Stronger than regular Sicce SK pumps)
  • Impeller: Custom Vertex rare earth magnet- Custom Needle-wheel Impeller ( Different than regular Sicce SK pumps)
  • Can be fully disassembled. Titanium Screws.
  • Noise level: Comparable to Alpha or less
  • Warranty: 2 Years Vertex Guarantee: Each unit goes through a vigorous testing process to ensure the craftsmanship and performance you have come to expect from Vertex.


  • New Wine-Glass Design
  • PVC & Acrylic Construction
  • Precision CNC Machining -Threaded Intake Nozzle
  • Ozone Port & Coupler
  • Sicce Custom Motor Block
  • Custom Impeller Assembly
  • Grade II Titanium Screws
  • Quiet/Vibration Dampeners
  • Red PVC-U/PN16 Fittings
  • Swivel Collection Cup Drain
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Additional Information

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Manufacturer Vertex



Thanks Aquarium Specialty! Spoke to them on the phone before I purchased the skimmer. Great service and help before I placed the order. They shipped it the same day I placed my order and dropped it off at the UPS store after hours just so I could have it on Friday instead of Monday. Will definitely order from AS again and again.

Rob A

Nice looking and built very well and it also is collecting a lot of nastiness.

John G

Been using this skimmer for a few months. It took a little while to break in but I really like it now.

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