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Spectrapure Sediment Filters

Sku: SP-Sediment

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Spectrapure Sediment Filters

Sku: SP-Sediment

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Sediment Filters for Water Purification Systems: Reverse Osmosis (RO), Reverse Osmosis Deionization (RO/DI),and Drinking Water Systems

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Product Name Price Qty
SpectraPure 0.5 Micron Sediment Filter
(Order by 3:30pm EST for Same Day Shipping (M-F))
SpectraPure 1.0 um Micron Sediment Filter
(Order by 3:30pm EST for Same Day Shipping (M-F))
SpectraPure Zeta-Zorb Sediment Filter 10"
(Order by 3:30pm EST for Same Day Shipping (M-F))
SpectraPure Zeta-Zorb Sediment Filter 20"
(Factory Direct - Usually Ships Out Within 3-4 Days)
SpectraPure .35 MicroPleat Pre Sediment Filter Cartridge
(Factory Direct - Usually Ships Out Within 3-4 Days)


Please note that these replacement Sediment filters are interchangeable with Captive Purity's, Kent Marine's, AWI's, BRS's, and most residential/aquarium RO or RO/DI systems. SpectraPure has researched the best replacement cartridges available in the world and offer only the best.

ZetaZorb®   Sediment Filters (for the worst sediment challenged areas!)

  • FIVE time more dirt holding capacity than other Sediment Filters.
  • 0.2 Micron absolute removal efficiency doubles the longevity of your carbon block filter, which protects the heart of your RO system (the RO membrane) from pass thru sediments.
  • Significantly reduce membrane fouling.
  • Operational costs are reduced significantly.

The unique technology employed in the construction of the SpectraPure® ZetaZorb® Sediment Filter enables the filter to hold five times the sediment of any other filter with minimal pressure drop. Think about it..... That's five times fewer filter changes, five times fewer service trips and five times less volume of old filters disposed of in your local landfill. With older filter technology, sediment filters were incapable of blocking all fine sediments that could foul the down-stream carbon block filter. A fouled carbon block filter cannot trap chlorine, VOC's, solvents, humic, fulvic acids and other contaminants that cause odor and reduce expensive RO membrane life span and performance. The ZetaZorb® stops "pass-through" sediment, which increases the life of the carbon block filter by at least two times.

MicroTec Sediment Filters

  • Graduated sediment removal
  • Excellent for use in areas with extremely high sediment levels
  • Near absolute micron rating
  • Proprietary center core for added strength
  • Longer life cycles
  • Greater particulate holding capacity
  • Consistent filtration even at high differential pressures
  • 100% polypropylene construction
  • Cartridge free of surfactants, binders and adhesives
  • Negligible extractables
  • Meet USP - XXIII Class VI Plastics Requirements
  • 1 micron size replaces resin-bonded filters

SpectraPure® MicroTec Sediment Filters are high efficiency depth gradient density filter cartridges with almost absolute micron ratings. They are strongly recommended for areas with extremely high sediment levels like NY, WA, ND, NC and IL etc. The gradient pore structure of these cartridges captures larger particles in the outer sections of the filter cartridge, while providing highly efficient and consistent removal of smaller particles in the core.

The SF-MT-1-10 is recommended for use with the ELIMINATOR series.

MicroPleatT Sediment Filters

  • 0.35 micron rating, clean and reuse
  • High efficiency pleated construction
  • Large surface area for long life

SpectraPure® MicroPleat Filters are designed to be a Pre-Sediment filter to help reduce the amount of chunk particles reaching the sediment filter. This is a great product to use to improve the longevity of your Sediment and Carbon filters. For use in areas with extremely high sediments and rust.

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