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Neptune DOS Dosing Pump


The new Neptune Systems "DOS" pumps are now available for pre-order from Aquarium Specialty. According to our Neptune Systems representative, the first product shipment will occur no later than Mid-November, possibly sooner.  Due to limited availability during its initial release, Neptune Systems is allocating only 15 of these systems to each of its authorized distributors.  Aquarium Specialty will accept the first 15 pre-orders and then mark this item as unavailable until further notice once the first 15 are pre-sold. Ordering now will ensure that you will be one of the first who are guaranteed to receive this highly antiipated product offering. Click the link to find out more about the Neptune DOS or act now and pre-order yours while you can.

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Neptune WAV

Neptune Wav

The Neptune Systems Wav pump was recently premiered at MACNA 2014.  The Neptune booth was abuzz with activity when we dropped by to visit Terrence and Curt and see what new projects they had going.  The new Neptune Wav wavemaker pump was generating alot of interest.  Since Neptune Systems formally announced pricing on the Wav pump and the iLink yesterday, we thought it would be a good time to share this info with the public and to post these items as "coming soon" on Aquarium Specialty where you can learn more.



A powerhead that answers all your needs:

  • Extreme flow (~3200+gph – tests pending)
  • Compact size (far less mass than similar-flow pumps)
  • Directional flow (pivots +/- 20 degrees and can be rotated – great for rear wall use)
  • Safe, 24V operation
  • Multiple operational modes (random flow modes, mirror, inverse, etc.)
  • Easy to clean
  • Incredibly Quiet (Even when pump is ramping or pulsing)
  • Magnetic mount works on up to 3/4″ glass
  • Easy installation with just one tiny wire for all power and control (1LINK interface makes it a snap!)
  • Competitive pricing: <$300 for one WAV, <$550 for two WAVs and a 1LINK Module


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MACNA Neptune Special


Neptune Systems has offered a MACNA special for the past couple of years and this year is no exception.  This years MACNA special provides the customer (including retail store purchases) a free AFS (Automatic Feeding System) with the purchase on an Apex Neptune System Gold package.  

If you purchase an Apex Gold Bundle anytime between Friday August 29th and Sunday the 31st from Aquarium Specialty or Aqua Specialty Wholesale, Neptune Systems will be send you a free Automatic Feeding System.  And the best part, you don't have to be at MACNA to qualify. 

The Apex Gold Bundle is everything you need to get you reef aquarium automated, and with the AFS you can even automate your fish feeding schedule.  This particulary comes in handy when you leave town and you would otherwise have to ask someone else to step in and hope for the best.  The AFS sells for $99.00 but if you order it from Aquarium Specialty between Friday and Sunday, it's yours free within 30 days when you purchase of an Apex Gold Bundle.  For more details please click the official Neptune Systems promo - webpage.  We have them in stock and ready to ship while supplies last.  If we run out of stock then don't worry because your order will still show the date of purchase, thus qualifying you for the free AFS and we will ship the order once our stock is received.

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It is our pleasure to share these photos of our BioTek Marine Radion tank mounts in use.  These pics were provided by an Aquarium Specialty customer in Australia.  We think the BioTek Marine tank mounts look quite impressive over his beautiful new setup!  Made from solid-cast acrylic, these mounts are machined and then mirror polished to provide a sleek and professional appearance.  As designed, the Radion power cords are hidden from view.

To purchase BioTek Marine Radion Tank Mount Arms, please visit this link.  BioTek Marine also makes these mounts for the Aqua Illumination Hydra and Hydra FiftyTwo LED fixtures.  Soon these tank mount arms will available for the Hydra TwentySix and Radion XR15WPRO.

BioTek Marine Radion Tank Mounts


Radion Mounts

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Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 10 & 20 Gallon Aquariums

To see the Fusion Nano Video, click the headline.

We are pleased to announce that Innovative Marine is releasing smaller sized Fusion aquariums.  The new aquariums will be called Nuvo Fusion Nano and we expect retail orders to begin shipping by the 2nd week of August.  Like it's bigger brothers, the Fusion Nano all-in-one aquariums feature a rear filtration compartment for a heater, Ghost skimmer, All-In-One Biopellet Reactor and return pump (included).  Aquarium Specialty has made it extremely easy to order additional compatible Fusion Nano equipment such as lighting, heaters, filtration and other accessories.

Fusion Nano aquariums feature low iron glass and are carefully assembled to look great in any home or office environment.  We expect these to be extremely popular aquariums for the foreseeable future.  For detailed information about the new Fusion Nano aquariums we suggest you visit here for the Fusion Nano 10 gallon and here for the Fusion Nano 20 gallon aquarium.

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BioTek Marine Ceramic Reef Rock

Aquarium Specialty is pleased to announce a new line of reef-ready ceramic rock to it's expanding line of BioTek Marine products.

Each piece of reef-ready ceramic rock is carefully hand sculpted by experienced artisans.  BioTek Marine ceramic rock does not need curing.  Simply add it to your aquarium and it will begin colonizing coraline algae and probiotic bacteria along with your favorite corals.  Unlike some other ceramic rock options on the market, BioTek Marine Ceramic Rock has plenty of surface area and hiding places for fish, shrimp and more cryptic aquarium inhabitants.

BioTek Marine Ceramic Rock is available in sculptured cave and shelf style pieces in various sizes.  Since each piece is hand-made, you may expect slight varations in shapes and sizes from the stock depictions of this product.  For pricing, sizing and several more product images, please visit here.  Now Biotek Marine has two eco-friendly options for aquascaping your reef aquariums with it's Dry Reef Rock and Ceramic Reef Rock.  

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Aquarium Specialty announces new product offerings in it's online catalog.  Recently,  Doctor Eco Systems, the makers of high quality fish, coral and invertebrate foods asked us to consider carrying their coral, inverebrate and fish foods.  After careful study, Aquarium Specialty is pleased to offer these new products.  The following is a review of one of these products known as Doc's Eco Eggs.

Dr Eco Systems Super Eggs


Doc's Eco Eggs are super high in protein-brined fish roe which contains a high fat content including omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for your fish and corals.  Made from a high quality brined-fish roe which has been shown to send corals and fish into a feeding frenzy.  A benefit of this product  is that it can be shipped via regular UPS/FedEx with no need for refrigeration until it is actually opened for use by the consumer.  

The manufacturer reccomends not to overfeed Doc's Eco Eggs or you might have a protein skimmer.  RLSS DC controllable protein skimmers offer a 30 minute feed timer button as do many of the Reef Octopus models so we reccomened pushing the 30 minute feed timer button when using a lot of the food at one time.

Doctor Eco Systems recommends breaking up the egg mass in a cup of water prior to feeding your aquarium, but you may also squeeze some  directly onto your finger and add it directly to the aquarium. The egg gel tends to stay together longer, allowing large fish and larger LPS corals to ingest larger globs of the food. Small fish and corals benefit more from break...

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Hydra vs. Hydra TwentySix


Recently we have received several customer comments and concerns regarding the Hydra vs. the Hydra TwentySix.  Most of these comments suggest that the Hydra with 4 LED clusters is better than the Hydra TwentySix because it has only 2 LED clusters. The goal here is to put that perception to rest. We consulted with Joel at Aqua Illumination to better understand the rationale behind the development of the Hydra TwentySix since the Hydra was a fairly new product and still in good demand.  Here's a quick look at the differences and why Aqua Illumination feels that the Hydra TwentySix is a viable alternative to the Hydra.

Hydra vs. Hydra TwentySix - key points of interest:

  • The AI Hydra TwentySix has 26 LEDs versus the Hydra's 20 LEDs at the same wattage.  (The Hydra TwentySix is more efficient)
  • The LEDs on the Hydra TwentySix are in a tighter cluster which lessens the shadowing or "disco ball" effect.
  • The 2 LED clusters are further apart in the Hydra TwentySix VS the 2 center clusters on the Hydra.  Basically, the Hydra TwentySix provides the power of each two outer clusters of the Hydra within each of its individual clusters.
  • The footprint of the Hydra TwentySix is 7.28"x5.375"x1.6 while the Hydra is 11.9" x 5.4" x 2.1"
  • What is not to love about more output over the same area in a smaller package at the same price?

BioTek Marine is currently developing a Hydra TwentySix mounting bracket similar to the HM mounting arm which presently exists for the standard Hydra fixture, but at a reduce...

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The new Ecotech Marine Radion XR15wPRO is here

Radion XR15wPRO

We are pleased to announce that the Radion XR30 will be getting a new little brother! EcoTech Marine has been working tirelessly to create a new, smaller Radion LED to compliment the highly successful XR30w. The Radion XR15wPRO features the same great spectrum, same features and same warranty as the XR30wPRO. With one cluster, half the wattage, a 24" coverage area, and a lower price point, the XR15wPRO is the perfect solution for small to medium-sized tanks where the full output of the XR30w platform is not necessary.

Shipping now!




Q: How do I pre-order and when will the fixtures begin shipping?

A: Ecotech Marine expects to begin shipping out orders by mid July and it takes 2 days for the time Ecotech ships to arrive at Aquarium Specialty.  In stock now - click here.


Q: What is the MRP of the XR15wPRO?

A: $449USD


Q: What is the coverage of an XR15wPRO?

A: 2x2ft. 


Q: Why is the spread almost as much as an XR30 model light?

A: Spread is more of a factor of optics than wattage or clusters. The XR15wPRO comes with Wide Angle TIR Optics installed standard so the spread from one cluster is not much less than the spread from two clusters located inches apart on an XR30. What is different however is the PAR at the same % output. You will achieve less PAR with an XR15wPRO versus an an XR30 model. The XR15wPRO is ideal for the many commercially available shallow tanks where PAR at depth is not necessary.


Q: What is the recommend ...

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Aquarium Specialty is pleased to announce a new product offering from BioTek Marine, the BioTek Marine Salinity Refractometer.

BioTek Marine Refractometer

The BioTek Marine Salinity Refractometer measures "true" seawater salinity levels, instead of just sodium chloride (NaCl) content.  This device measures additional elements contributing to salinity which are usually unaccounted for, such as calcium and magnesium resulting in more precise, accurate results. The BioTek Marine Salinity Refractometer features full ATC (auto temperature compensation) for water temperatures ranging from 5 to 30 degrees C (41-86 degrees F).  The right side of the scale checks the Salinity levels with the range of 0-100 ppt (with 1 ppt scale divisions) while the other side gauges Specific Gravity with a range of 1.000 to 1.070 (+/- 0.001 accuracy).

This high quality refractometer is sure to be a big hit with an affordable price of $35.99.  Click here to find out more.


  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
  • True Seawater Salinity Readings
  • High Degree of Accuracy (+/- 0.001 accuracy)
  • Easy to Read Scale

BioTek Marine Refractometer Scale



    • Hard Protective Case with Protective Foam Inserts
    • Pipette
    • Lint Free Cleaning Cloth
    • Calibration Screw Driver

    BioTek Marine Refractometer Case

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