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2014 MVP Award
Aquarium Specialty is pleased to announce it's 2nd Annual Most Valuable Product (MVP) Awards.  The 2014 Aquarium Specialty MVP Award recognizes aquarium manufacturers and their products which have excelled in the following areas:

Customer Feedback
Ease of Use
Number of Units Purchased
Build Quality
Product Support & Customer Service
  • In 2014, more than 7000 products were considered from over 200 manufacturers.  This year's Aquarium Specialty MVP award categories are:

    MVP - Wave Maker
    MVP - Aquarium Controller
    MVP - Aquarium Lighting for Sm & Midsize Tanks
    MVP - Aquarium Lighting for Larger Tanks
    MVP - Water Pump
    MVP - Best Value Protein Skimmer
    MVP - Best Overall Protein Skimmer
    MVP - Best All-In-One Skimmer
    MVP- Temperature Control
    MVP - Best All-In-One Aquarium Series
    MVP - Aquarium Reactor
    MVP - Best New Product

    Most Anticipated Product

    Each business day 2 new category award winners will be announced until all 12 categories have been awarded.  This year we have also added 1 extra category designated as the Most Anticipated Product of the Year.

    All of the 2014 Aquarium Specialty MVP Awards are in now!  Today we are announcing the Aquarium Specialty MVP 2014 awards for Aquarium Reactors and for the 2014 "Up and Coming Company of the Year".  Congratulations to each of the winners along with our sincere gratitude for producing such great products which help to achieve and maintain healthy and successful reef environments!
    Ecotech MP Series Wavemaker
    For the 2nd year in a row, the MVP Wave Maker of Ye...
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    Wet Work Reef 924 Continued

    11/11/14 10:17 AM

    Back on 9/15/2014 Aquarium Specialty reported on the Wet Work project with Sam Slobusky.  The project is underway at the customers location and we thought it would be nice to share some Elos 924 gallon aquarium and stand and Royal Exclusiv Dreambox photos with you.   Enjoy...


    Elos craftsmanship at it's finest

    Elos Wet Work 924 Gallon Aquarium

    Elos Wet Work 924 Gallon Aquarium

    Elos Wet Work 924 Gallon Aquarium

    Dreambox 1

    Dreambox 2

    Dreambox 3

    Dreambox 4

    Dreambox 5

    Dreambox 6

    Dreambox 8

    Dreambox 9


    The photos below are of a Dreambox Refugium but Sam at Wet Work will be using this box as an automatic water exchange reservoir.  We can't wait to see this in action.

    Dreambox Refugium

    Dreambox Refugium

    Dreambox Refugium

    The client now has his Quarantine System in place.  To make sure there were no leaks or plumbing concerns, Sam spent about 3 days working on the instillation and water testing the setup with fresh water before bringing it fulling online with saltwater.  I would say it's very impressive at the least!

    Quarantine System

    Quarantine System

    Quarantine System

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    BioTek Marine Nylon Filter Socks

    BioTek Marine Filter Socks

    You rarely see a blog article about filter socks, however, the new BioTek Marine nylon filter socks offer a huge advantage over standard felt type filter socks.  These filter socks are easier to use and offer long-term economy over their felt-type counterparts, even though they cost slightly more on the front end. So let's discuss the BioTek Marine advantages.

    The most notable advantage is longevity.

    BioTek Marine Nylon Filter Socks are Longer Lasting: You may expect these nylon socks to last for dozens of cleanings before they need to be discarded and replaced.  Unlike standard felt-type filter socks that typically only last for 3-4 cleanings, BioTek Marine filter socks can be reused dozens of times before needing to be replaced.

    Next advantage, cleanability.

    BioTek Marine Nylon Filter Socks are much easier to clean: Standard felt-type socks are difficulty to thoroughly clean.  Typically, when a standard filter sock is cleaned, it must be rinsed in a dish washer or washing machine to get them cleaned well enogh to use them again.  This can be a stinky process that will make you unpopular aound the house.  Also, running the dish washer or washing machine uses additional energy in these times when we are all trying to do our part for the lanet (not to mention our wallets).  BioTek Marine Nylon Filter socks can easily be rinsed out in a sink or with a garden hose in just a minute or two, and returned to the sump for reuse.

    Finally the value factor.


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    Eshopps Curve

    Eshopps Curve

    Click the title above to open the article fully and see the video.

    The new Eshopps Curve LED Refugium Filter has been released and we expect to receive them next week. The Eshopps Curve is powered by a small cluster of 3 x 3 watt 6,500 Kelvin CREE LEDs.  The 6,500K color temperature is perfect for growing macroalgae in a refugium if you are an aquarist that prefers to have a refugium under tank.  

    In our opinion, the best feature is the sleek aluminum housing which easily fastens to the sump wall with a nylon thumb screw.  This light is sure to be a hit for aquarists that like a little macroalgae in their refugium.  The Curve dimentions are listed as 3 15/16" x 4-5/8" x 1-3/4".

    Compatibility with certain sumps is the only point of concern with the design.   The Eshopps Curve LED Refugium Filter, as presently designed, will not mount to sumps that use sump wall euro-style bracing such as the popular Trigger Sumps. One resolution would be to fashion an acrylic attachment point to the Refugium top bracing.  Hmm, maybe we should get in touch with our friends at Trigger Systems about this opportunity?

    The Eshopps Curve will sell for $79.99 and pre-orders are being accepted at Aquarium Specialty at this time.

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    With ever changing technology, it is a common problem for a seasoned aquarist to find himself with a piece of equipment that has been discontinued and is no longer supported by its manufacturer.  An example of this is the Vertex IN Skimmer.  Vertex IN skimmers were sold in many countries until they were replaced by the Omega line.  The IN series skimmers used a pump that is no longer available from Vertex.  Thanks to the ingenuity of the folks at Reef Life Support Systems (RLSS), the Vertex IN skimmers can continue to serve for many years to come.  Incorporating a modification which replaces the Vertex pump with a Waveline DC6000 controllable pump, your Vertex IN Skimmer can actually be revitalized.  RLSS has released a video of the modification which appears to involve an IN 250 or 280 model. RLSS has promised to send us a part list for the MOD and instructions on how to modify your skimmer to either increase it's performance or replace a dead skimmer pump that's been discontinued.  The skimmer modification only takes about 5 minutes and then you are back in business.

    As you can see from the video, the skimmer mod with the newer pump technology is more powerful and efficient than the older original pump design.  For more on how to mod your skimmer please contact us.

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    Nano Fusion

    Innovative Marine announces the launch of its new 18 watt Skkye LED lights in tandem with the line of 10 and 20 gallon Fusion Nano aquariums.  The newly designed 18 watt Skkye LED fixtures are designed to complement the Fusion Nano Series and feature 90 degree angles as opposed to the curved brackets on their earlier 4,6 and 8 watt fixtures.  In addition to the sleek new look, the fabrication has incorporated a premium looking polished aluminum housing which replaces the earlier plastic composition. Aquarium Specialty will have these lights and combo packages available as soon as Innovative Marine ships its initial product to dealers.  For more info on Innovative Marine Skkye lights, please visit this link.

    Fusion 20 Nano

    Fusion 10 Nano

    The 10 gallon Fusion Nano tank/light combo is priced out at $199 and the 20 gallon Fusion Nano tank/lights (2 each) combo will be priced at $399.  The Fusion Nano 10 Gallon tank without the Skkye Light sells for $99.00 while the 20 Gallon tank sells for $199.00.  For more on Innovative Marine aquariums visit here.

    From the Innovative Marine Website:


    Pair off your Fusion Nano with the new stylishly slim SKKYE Light 18 watt LED clamp. Specifically designed for the Fusion Nano 10 & 20, this clamp light may also be used with other rimless aquariums for a space saving form factor and pure minimalism. Each clamp boasts 6 x 3 watt LEDs (3 x 10K and 3 x 456nm) that gives the Clamp 18 a powerful 18 watt light output. Alternating LED color pattern blend...

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    AI Prime

    Aqua Illumination Prime debut coming soon

    The upcoming release of the AI Prime LED light packs a plethora of features into a diminutive footprint.  This feature-rich LED light is a perfect solution for reef aquarium lighting on smaller aquariums where a light such as the Hydra TwentySix is more than you would need.  

    Featuring on-board WiFi control, there is no need for a separate controller such as the AI wireless controller or the AI Director which are required for the Hydra FiftyTwo and TwentySix models.  As premiered at MACNA 2014, Prime LED lights are easily programmed and controlled via any smartphone, tablet or wireless computer.  Prime LEDs will be available in either a white or black finish and will include 7 independent channels and 7 distinctly colored LED diodes.

    AI Prime Technical Specifications  

    • Dimentions: 4.88" x 4.88" x 1.34"
    • Colors: 7 LED colors
    • Power Specifications: 45w at full power
    • Power Consumption: 100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz
    • Cable Length: 10 feet (3.048m)
    • PSU Regulatory Compliance: UL, CE, RoHS
    • Channels: 7 independent channels
    • Controller: Built in WiFi via smart phone, PC or Tablet
    • Mounting: Includes tank mount arm with ball/socket adjustment


    Aquarium Specialty is now taking pre-orders for the AI Prime as well as pre-registration sign up.


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      Neptune DOS Dosing Pump


      The new Neptune Systems "DOS" pumps are now available for pre-order from Aquarium Specialty. According to our Neptune Systems representative, the first product shipment will occur no later than Mid-November, possibly sooner.  Due to limited availability during its initial release, Neptune Systems is allocating only 15 of these systems to each of its authorized distributors.  Aquarium Specialty will accept the first 15 pre-orders and then mark this item as unavailable until further notice once the first 15 are pre-sold. Ordering now will ensure that you will be one of the first who are guaranteed to receive this highly antiipated product offering. Click the link to find out more about the Neptune DOS or act now and pre-order yours while you can.

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      Neptune WAV

      Neptune Wav

      The Neptune Systems Wav pump was recently premiered at MACNA 2014.  The Neptune booth was abuzz with activity when we dropped by to visit Terrence and Curt and see what new projects they had going.  The new Neptune Wav wavemaker pump was generating alot of interest.  Since Neptune Systems formally announced pricing on the Wav pump and the iLink yesterday, we thought it would be a good time to share this info with the public and to post these items as "coming soon" on Aquarium Specialty where you can learn more.



      A powerhead that answers all your needs:

      • Extreme flow (~3200+gph – tests pending)
      • Compact size (far less mass than similar-flow pumps)
      • Directional flow (pivots +/- 20 degrees and can be rotated – great for rear wall use)
      • Safe, 24V operation
      • Multiple operational modes (random flow modes, mirror, inverse, etc.)
      • Easy to clean
      • Incredibly Quiet (Even when pump is ramping or pulsing)
      • Magnetic mount works on up to 3/4″ glass
      • Easy installation with just one tiny wire for all power and control (1LINK interface makes it a snap!)
      • Competitive pricing: <$300 for one WAV, <$550 for two WAVs and a 1LINK Module

      COMING SPRING 2015

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      MACNA Neptune Special


      Neptune Systems has offered a MACNA special for the past couple of years and this year is no exception.  This years MACNA special provides the customer (including retail store purchases) a free AFS (Automatic Feeding System) with the purchase on an Apex Neptune System Gold package.  

      If you purchase an Apex Gold Bundle anytime between Friday August 29th and Sunday the 31st from Aquarium Specialty or Aqua Specialty Wholesale, Neptune Systems will be send you a free Automatic Feeding System.  And the best part, you don't have to be at MACNA to qualify. 

      The Apex Gold Bundle is everything you need to get you reef aquarium automated, and with the AFS you can even automate your fish feeding schedule.  This particulary comes in handy when you leave town and you would otherwise have to ask someone else to step in and hope for the best.  The AFS sells for $99.00 but if you order it from Aquarium Specialty between Friday and Sunday, it's yours free within 30 days when you purchase of an Apex Gold Bundle.  For more details please click the official Neptune Systems promo - webpage.  We have them in stock and ready to ship while supplies last.  If we run out of stock then don't worry because your order will still show the date of purchase, thus qualifying you for the free AFS and we will ship the order once our stock is received.

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