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Prodibio Safe Travel

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Prodibio Safe Travel

Sku: PST

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SAFE TRAVEL is specially designed and prepared so as to reduce the number of pathogens in the water used to transport fish by INCREASING THE NON-PATHOGENIC PURIFYING BIOMASS.    

The sudden introduction of large bacterial population consisting of selected strains rapidly colonises the medium to the detriment of the existing bacteria or those which may be introduced subsequently. This reduces the number of pathogens by depriving them of food. The toxicity of the pathogens in the transport bags varies according to their number. The fish to be transported are usually healthy carriers of agents which, in small numbers, are saprophytic (and harmless). In the water used for transport, these organisms enjoy ideal conditions - oxygenation, temperature, food and organic pollution - and there they multiply to become more aggressive and pathogenic.

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With aquarium fish being transported from where they were caught or bred to an aquarium on the other side of the world, this very long journey (24 to 36 hours) is an extremely painful ordeal and causes a lot of stress :    

- Crowding (maximum population density in very little water. 

- Damage caused by handling. 

- Ammonia (from urine). 

- Heavy organic load (mucus, faeces, etc.) 

- Weakening due preliminary food deprivation.

- pH reduced by the CO2 expelled by the fish into the water in the bag.      

These conditions bring about a pathogenic state and major impairment of the immune system :   

- Fewer lymphocytes in circulation 

- Fewer antibodies produced, reduced inflammatory response and reduced phagocytosis       (Thesis No. 51 BRUGEROLLES LYON 1992)     The fish reach the retailer in a very enfeebled state and only to be subjected to more stress when they have to acclimatise to different water (different pH and hardness). Sometimes the bacteria have already attacked fins and mouths and caused ulcers; sometimes the incubation stage has been reached and the disease will break out in the two or three days following acclimatisation. The condition the fish are in when they reach the retailer determines their immunity to pathogens from other parts of the world and which are new to the fish. The hardy fish will become immune, the weaker fish will succumb. So to improve the resistance of the fish, it is essential to reduce to a minimum the number of pathogens present in the water used to transport them.   

SAFE TRAVEL is a concentrated suspension of autotrophic and heterotrophic purifying bacteria selected so as to limit the number of harmful micro-organisms by depriving them of food. It is supplied in oxygen-free ampoules for maximum preservation and effectiveness.       

The Results :    > The fish are less stressed and consequently not weakened.   > Reduced ammonia and nitrites.   > Pathogens in the bags reduced by 45 to 50% (pseudomonas, aeromonas and vibrios).   > Fewer diseases on delivery.    

Directions for Use :    - Shake the ampoule well to obtain a homogeneous suspension. 

- Dilute the contents of 1 ampoule in 10 litres of the water used to transport the fish.   

Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater.

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