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Vertex V-Colla Epoxy


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Vertex V-Colla Epoxy



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Vertex Aquaristik proudly announces the release of V-Colla reef-safe epoxy. After months of testing different samples and working with GlueTec Germany, we are pleased to report that our 2 part reef epoxy is probably the only or amongst the very few that have been specifically designed for aquarium use. GlueTec GmbH has long been a leader in developing adhesives and epoxies for various industries in Europe and around the globe.



What makes V-Colla stand apart from others is the reduced clouding-effect of the water column. Two part epoxies have been used in the hobby for a long time. however the main complaint affiliated with the use of such products remains to be the clouding-effect. Vertex V-Colla utilizes a different combination of compounds that reduce such effect while making the product malleable for a longer time. When used correctly, the longer malleability period will also reduce the release of gaseous byproducts of the catalysts.

V-Colla is violet in color to mimic the appearance of calcareous algae and other common organisms in a reef tank. Therefore, it blends with the environment and makes for a seamless creation of perfect aquascape with live and/or synthetic rock alike. Further to that, V-Colla is Ph neutral, therefore it will not cause any negative effects on the tank inhabitants through Ph-swings. V-Colla Viola is available in 114g/4oz bars and supplied with a pair of gloves in each package. 

Product Specifications:

  • Trade Name: Epoxy Kit/ Purple
  • Chemical Family: Epoxy resin
  • Monitor: 1333-86-4 Carbon Black
  • Short Term Value: *7mg/m3
  • Long-Term Value: *35mg/m3
  • NLP#: *500-033-5 Xi,N; R36/38-43
  • CAS: *9D-72-2 2, 4,6-TRIS-Phoenol 2.5 percent
  • BNECS: *202-G13- 9 Xn;R22-36/38
  • P.l.: Polymercaptan T. Epoxy Hardner- 13 to 18 percent
  • Prepared for Vertex Aquarlstlk GmbH by GlueTec GmbH, Deutschland.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

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Product Specs


Manufacturer Vertex



A decent Epoxy a bit hard to work with when wet as it becomes very slimy. Holding strength is good once a solid bond is made. It's quite purple/red more so than the coralline algae that it's trying to mimic.

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