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Vertex Omega 130 Internal Protein Skimmer

Sku: VTPS-OM-130

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Vertex Omega 130 Internal Protein Skimmer

Sku: VTPS-OM-130


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Features Included:

- Adjustable Air-Wtaer Interface via onboard Nozzle
- Can be fully disassembled using a flat head screw driver
- Exceptional Air Draw ratio for the body size
- Circular water motion within BUbble Chamber, resulting in an even flow through Bubble Plate
- Operates optimally within larger sump water level ranges

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Omega skimmers are handcrafted from blown cast acrylic and PVC to produce a solidly engineered skimmer with exceptional style and performance.
  • New Wine-Glass Design
  • PVC & Acrylic Construction
  • Precision CNC Machining
  • Threaded Intake Nozzle
  • Ozone Port & Coupler
  • Sicce Custom Motor Block
  • Costom Impeller Assembly
  • Grade II Titanium Screws
  • Quiet/Vibration Dampeners
  • Red PVC-U/PN16 Fittings
  • Swivel Collection Cup Drain

From Titanium screws to the engraving on the lid, no expense was spared to achieve unparalleled quality and luxurious build. Raw materials are processed using precision CNC machines to ensure flawless structure and quality. Vertex Omega skimmers are powered by Syncra motor-blocks. Manufactured by Sicce exclusively for Vertex Aquaristik to our specs. Increased Air-Draw produces a denser medium which will help aggressively and effectively process your water. Larger Pin-Wheel will help push more water and further aid in creating a perfectly balanced Air-Water Interface.

  • Capacity: < 100 US Gallons
  • Dimensions: 8.5"x11"x20"
  • Air Draw: ~20W
  • Optimal Level: ~ Max 9" - Min 6.5"

Vertex Guarantee. Each unit goes through a vigorous testing process to ensure the craftsmanship and performance you have come to expect from Vertex. 

Adjustable Venturi nozzle( similar to that of Alpha skimmers)

Construction: White PVC, Red PVC-U PN-16 Fittings, Clear Cast acrylic
Body: Blown Cast Acrylic -one piece
Pump: Sicce Syncra-Custom motor-block produced only for Vertex (Stronger than regular Sicce SK pumps)
Impeller: Custom Vertex rare earth magnet- Custom Needle-wheel Impeller ( Different than regular Sicce SK pumps)
Can be fully disassembled. Titanium Screws.
Noise level: Comparable to Alpha or less
Warranty: 2 Years

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Additional Information

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Manufacturer Vertex


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