Vertex Illumilux Marino Blu LED Strip

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Vertex Illumilux I 12" Marino Blu Modular LED Strip
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Vertex Illumilux II 24" Marino Blu 600 Modular LED Strip
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Vertex Illumilux III 36" Marino Blu Modular LED Strip
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Vertex Illumilux IV 48" Marino Blu 1200 Modular LED Strip
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Vertex illumilux

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In designing a product, German Engineers rely on three principles, "Firstly, the features should appear intuitive to the user. One should always look at a design and wonder how it could have been any other way. It should seem utterly obvious, regardless of the scale of innovation or redesign. Secondly, it should be seamlessly elegant. Innovations should make a product easier, not more complicated to use, regardless the expansion of the product's capabilities. Lastly, the functionality and control of the unit should complement, not clash with the aesthetics of the design." It was with all these considerations in mind that the Vertex engineers developed the Illumilux.

They began by questioning the current state of LED functionality; what changes could be done that would make the unit more powerful, streamlined and effective?

  • *3W Cree XPE LEDs, the most efficient LEDs in the industr
  • *6 LEDs per 1' length (a 3' fixture has 18 LEDs and a 4' fixture has 24 LEDs)
  • *Crafting the body from a durable, anodized extruded aluminum shell, allowing the entire body to serve as an effective heat sink.
  • * Modular design allows Illumilux strips to be interconnected to one another, to cover any size or shape of tank, while using a unique technology to power all linked light strips from a single power cable - no tangled or excessive cords to distract from the elegance of the display.

In incorporating these features, Vertex also placed equal emphasis on the aesthetics of the product. Drawing from the ac claim of the Illumina, and answering the demand for an artistically polished unit, the Illumilux is balanced, structured and complete. Finally, Vertex realized that all these benefits would be irrelevant if they pushed the cost of the Illumilux ouside the range of the mainstream consumer. Fortunately, Vertex has succeeded in integrating every part of its design process to provide the highest quality form, functionally and aesthetics at a price that invites all aquarists to redefine their expectations for aquarium lighting.


  • One platform - multiple-functionality. Can be used as a primary or supplemental source of lighting to add shimmer and color to fresh or saltwater displays.
  • Illumilux Marino Blu 50/50 Royal Blue(450nm) - Blue(470nm)
  • Expandable, modular design allowing full user flexibility. Individual beams can be network in any shape and configuration using PCB connective fittings.
  • Wireless power networking between interconnected fixtures. PCB connections supply all power and control.
  • Only one power cable required to power each array (requires Vertex Splitter box).
  • Sleek, attractive and durable Anodized Aluminum body resists corrosion while maximizing heat dispersion.
  • Each beam is only 2-3/4" wide and 1-3/8" thick.
  • Fully upgradeable LED boards can be swapped out with no wiring or soldering.
  • Optional inline 1-10v module for dimming, sunrise/sunset simulation.
  • Fully compatible with the Vertex Cerebra or any other device capable of regulating 1-10v signals.
  • 6 Cree XPE LEDs per 300mm/1', each LED operating at 750 mA/~2.5W
  • Less than 17 W of electricity consumption per foot.
  • Expected LED life time 60,000 hours @ 125 degree core diode temperature (Per Manufacturer).
  • Available in 90-270 V / 50-60Hz.
  • Can be mounted (Tank Bracket Accessory) or suspended (Hanging Kit).
  • Mean Well Drivers - 2 year warranty, certified UL/CSA/TUV/PSE/EMC/ETL/GS.
  • CE, EMC and RoHs Certified.
  • Designed and manufactured by Vertex Aquaristik - Made in Austria.
  • 2 year Manufacturer's Warranty. 

Quick Overview

Illumilux Marino Blu 50/50 Royal Blue(450nm) - Blue(470nm)

Aquarists exploring LEDs face a major dilemma. For far too long, the aquarist has been at the mercy of the scant LED offerings put out by the market, and the terms "cheap LED fixture" and "Cheap knockoffs" became synonymous. Bottlenecked by the options, internet savvy hobbyists resorted to DIY and retrofit options. This has become the normal standard that has come to be expected and accepted. Thankfully, this status quo stands to be turned on its head. Following the technical accomplishments of the Illumina, the engineers at Vertex focused on how they could apply their success to a turnkey product that could reinvigorate and revolutionize the LED industry.

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