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The Alternative Reef Frag Station

Sku: AR-FS

Frag Station 20

The Alternative Reef Frag Station

Sku: AR-FS

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Ever have a coral frag you just purchased get lost in your rockwork or get blown into another coral? Most if not all of us have. During acclimation we tend to put our corals on the sand bed or somewhere loose in the rocks until it adjusts to the conditions of the aquarium. Then a snail or random blast of current knocks it out of place. The Frag Station helps prevent that from happening.

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With the Frag Station at the bottom of the tank or mixed into your rockwork there is a place to safely put your frag until it is ready to be mounted permanently to your reef structure. If it saves just one coral from being lost it pays for itself the first time you use it. Many hobbyists permanently mount a favorite coral right to the Frag Station. As the coral grows it encrusts the plug on its own. Once the plug has encrusted with coral you remove the plug and replace it with a new one. The coral will quickly grow over the new plug. This gives you constant coral propagation with minimal effort. And since you are taking a plug out of the colony that has grown around the plug it will re-grow even faster than if you just put one small frag on the plug to grow. With the Frag Station you can have a mini coral farm in your display tank. This saves money over time. There is no need for an expensive frag tank and all the extra equipment and electricity that comes with it. It is also a much better alternative to egg crate. While egg crate has its place in our hobby and works well in frag tanks we feel it should never go into a display tank.

Frag Stations come in three sizes. Five, Ten and Twenty hole sizes. They are designed to sit flat on the bottom of your tank but can easily be mixed in with your rockwork. They are made of the same material that we use to make our plugs and disks. While they do not need to cure understand that it is a clean surface. The station does go through a cycle. It is very porous and should aid in biological filtration over time. If you have an aquarium with lots of coralline growing the Frag Station will quickly become coralline encrusted as well. Plugs are included with the Frag Station.

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