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What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say

I've been doing business with Scott and family at Aquarium Specialty for many years. Their level of customer service is second to none and the prices are fair. They have always been helpful with any questions I may have and they carry a wide selection of dry goods and even livestock too!  J. Nichols - Joe Knows Reefs

To whomever is interested. I live in Charleston where we have two pretty nice stores to support my hobby. I was recommended AS from a friend and decided to drive up and take a look. I met the owner Scott who was not only very knowledgeable about the trade, but a pleasure to speak with. He took his time to show me around and answer my several questions. Very nice store and knowledgeable staff. I would recommend AS to anyone in the aquarium hobby, those just getting started or the experienced. Great first impression. I will be back.  S. Sievert


"I want to thank you Scott for the great service that was provided to me just a few days ago.

I was treated like it WAS NOT an insult to request some info from you before I made the I was doing you a favor not like you were doing me a favor. WOW! I was treated with much respect and courtesy!! Not the usual deal any more.

I want to complement you very highly. Although my order was less than $35.00 including shipping I was treated like I had purchased several hundred dollars of items..The young Lady was very kind and knowledgeable and I received my order just as said. I am impressed to say the least.

You may wonder why I am ranting and raving about some good service that was provided to me? Let me tell you, I am an old man and have been in business most of my life and have seen business ethics go by the way side. Good business practice is like a breath of fresh air to me.

Last but not least, "A business can only be as good as its management." any business or organization

Again Scott, thank you! You have great employees working for you because you are great! You set the example and they follow. You can take that to the bank!"
-Thomas Moore

I am a new Reefer and there is so much that I don’t know. Scott and his staff have been very helpful and patient to answer all my questions. If you haven’t been to their storefront, then you are missing out. Go by and visit soon. J. Hamilton

"Got the coral in this morning and all looks good. Super packing job! Thanks for the free frag."
- Andy W.

"Great packing job. Awesome looking frags and colonies as usual. Thanks!! Clam looks awesome :) I'm very, very pleased."
- Brian G.

Already thought Aquarium Specialty was a fantastic source for equipment and supplies, but the addition of livestock and coral has really made it top notch! B. Alexander


"I ordered some aquacultured colonies from Aquarium Specialty and got my order this morning. I was a bit wary of trying someone new, especially with SPS, but the pics showed some nice looking corals. I must say I was pleasantly surprised with my order. Everything looked excellent!! They were packed very well, even looked good in the bags! No obvious stress, polyps were out within minutes of putting them in the tank. I would definitely recommend Aquarium Specialty for dry goods as well as livestock. Kudos to Scott, who really cares about the livestock and most certainly wants happy customers! I'll certainly order again and soon! Thanks again."
- Sue from AL

"...And since half of Sue's order was my stuff, I'll second her opinions. The blue acro is fantastic, the purple milli frag is something that I have not seen before (can't believe you let that go) and the green with blue tips milli is spectacular. The packing was fantastic. Carbon wasn't a bad idea either."
- Redfish from Pensacola, FL

"Recent order A+++. Just received another order from Scott and was another great experience. He dealt with what must have seemed like never ending questions and helped me decide what was best for my tank, not his wallet. Great vendor to buy from!! Even took the time to follow up with a manufacturer regarding some questions I had regarding an Air Dryer. Thanks again Scott!! Looking forward to my next purchase!"
- Brian from Connecticut

"Scott is the best. He gives personalized service. Sometimes he will talk your ear off though. I find this very refreshing when compared to other places I have dealt with."
- Bill B. (Michigan) from a Reef Central Post

"Just want to give a big thanks to Scott on the frag pack he just sent. All the pieces were at least 1" with most of them being around 2". Even thru in a freebie. So far I've ordered the Vortecs and this frag pack and couldn't be happier with the customer service and communication."
- Tinytool from a Reef Central Post

Thank you for standing behind your products and making the exchange process painless. C. Carney

"I just ordered some milles and a blue stag colony from aquarium specialty. These colonies are huge! These guys are a pleasure to do business with. I probably emailed back and forth about 6 times each time getting back feedback. I even gave them a call to ask for advice. Scott is a pleasure to deal and I haven't dealt with such good customer service from an online vendor! The reason why I came upon his website was through other members on reef central giving good comments and they surely deserved those comments!" - Tdsounds from a Reef Central Post "I got my VorTech pump. I was really impressed by the attention that Scott and Aquarium Specialty gave to me and my purchase... so impressed that I've already placed another order with them for some coral! Aquarium Specialty gets three thumbs up from Bubba!"
- Bubba from a Reef Central Post

"Thanks Scott, I guess this is just reason you have the rep that you have. I was going to order from (Large Online Retailer) because I have ordered from them before and I had no problems at all. But after reading all of the positive feedback on the reef central site I decided to give you a try, it was not a mistake, you are very in touch with your customers. You answer e-mails very quickly, and even add a bit of humor which makes me feel like I am not just a credit card number but a real person. You will be getting all of my business in the future. Thanks."
- Danny M.

"This is a great company. The owners are informative and prompt with service. Best I've seen in the industry!!!"
- Lynn P.

"The service is maybe the best on the internet. My tank is entirely configured by top-of-the-line products from this store. Also, Scott is a very honest person who always give me the best advice on what to buy - without trying to sell me the most expensive item. I live in Colombia, South America, and my tank works flawlessly thanks to Scott and the quality products from Aquarium Specialty."
-Juan Diego Arango Bogota, Colombia