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Reef Brite 175 Watt 10000/20000 K Twin Arc Mogul

Sku: TA175-10/20

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Reef Brite 175 Watt 10000/20000 K Twin Arc Mogul

Sku: TA175-10/20


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Reef Brite 175 Watt 10,000 K/20,000K Twin Arc Mogul Metal Halide Lamp



The TwinArc tube metal halide lamp is literally two bulbs in one. This metal halide lamp will greatly improve the lighting in your aquarium while saving you money, due to its energy efficient design. Promote maximum growth and color in corals and other invertebrates from a single metal halide lamp. Performs better, lasts longer, and maintains its color (spectral power distribution) better than conventional metal halide bulbs.

Alternately switches arc tubes each time the lamp is fired, providing maximum output and color consistency. When replaced annually, the TwinArc tube metal halide lamp can eliminate light shock to corals and reduce the occurrence of unwanted nuisance algae that can be caused by degrading aquarium lamps. The dual color TwinArc tube lamp has two separate color temperatures (10K and 20K) and is great for coral farms and aquaculture facilities. By cycling the lamp (turning it off and then on) you can select the color temperature desired, allowing you to set your light cycles to your specific requirements. The TwinArc tube metal halide lamp has its own built in circuitry, allowing the lamp to be controlled manually, with a timer, or a lighting controller.

No special wiring or additional ballast is required. Simply screw the TwinArc tube lamp into any standard mogul based lamp socket. Like conventional metal halide lamps, you need to allow the lamp to cool down for 5-10 minutes before refiring. Never touch or attempt to replace a metal halide lamp while it is on. Make sure the lamp is off and allowed to cool for a minimum of 30 minutes before handling. Metal halide lamps reach very high operating temperatures; extreme caution should always be taken when servicing a lamp or fixture or severe burns and injury can occur. (Be sure the power is off and the fixture is unplugged before serving any light fixture)

For proper operation, we recommend a high quality metal halide ballast to be used to power the TwinArc tube lamp. The Reef Brite digitally controlled solid state metal halide ballast is a perfect match for this product. While these bulbs are designed to work well with our Reef Brite Metal Halide Pendant Systems the bulbs are slightly longer than conventional metal halide lamps so be sure to check your fixture or installation before ordering.

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Manufacturer Reef Brite


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