Orphek Atlantik V2 LED Fixture

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Orphek Atlantik V2 LED Fixture
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Orphek Atlantik LED Fixture (Version 1 - Updated Photo Coming Soon)

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After a year of research and development Orphek is about to launch its newest fixture setting a new benchmark in LED lighting systems. The introduction of the Atlantik V2 Wireless will bring an upgrade in Orphek’s Atlantik operational systems allowing customers to control the light by any recent Android tablet or Android Smartphone.

But that is not the major improvement!

Orphek has already settled the standard in the market for its advanced comprehension of color spectrums and its influences on coral physiology and once again is about to release another cutting-edge and groundbreaking technology, bringing a revolutionary change in the spectrum provided by diodes, by providing a real product developed specifically for the needs of photosynthetic marine invertebrates.


  •  - 42 UV/violet/white LEDs with increased intensity of Lm/w
  • - New blue/cyan for more fluorescence
  • - Four channels with 8 programs
  • Built-in calendar allowing storage of up to eight programs per month 
  • - High efficiency Mean Well drivers
  • - Wireless technology
  • - Built-in backup memory
  • - Pre-installed programs (just like Atlantik V1)
  • -Large storage capacity for additional programs

Orphek’s commitment to efficiency brought to the company a new challenge: How to improve our LED lighting systems in order to increase benefits by advancing in the field of spectrum control.

By being in constant contact with researches and specialists around the globe Orphek Development Team gathered enough studies and information about chlorophyll density in corals and its relationship and influence on color and coral growth. Truth is that corals cannot survive without chlorophyll A and they depend on it to receive the necessary nutrients to grow.

Crossing the data of biophysical properties X absorption of light X photosynthetic capacity X increasing of chlorophyll A levels Orphek found the perfect light spectrum to enhance the photosynthesizing pigments.

Determining how corals reflect and absorb light in different wavelengths it is possible also to examine and determine which optimal range is required to increase levels and therefore help corals to increase biomass and pigmentation, avoiding coral bleaching.

Orphek’s major goal was to increase the lumens per watt in the lower spectrum range 380-440 nm.

 The problem with common UV/violet diodes is that they provide only approximately 0.5 to 4 lumens per watt, which appears darker to the human eye’s receptors. To overcome this problem of low Lm/w Orphek developed a new wide spectrum white UV/violet LED within the high intensity at 410 nm and 420nm wavelength ranges with higher lumens per watt. Orphek’s new wide spectrum white UV/violet LED increased the intensity of Lm/W by up to 15 times more than any common UV/violet LED.


Simultaneous wireless controlling and programming of up to 252 units using only one tablet

Each unit is assigned its own digital address

Tanks can be distributed in different locations in the range of the wireless router

Atlantik V2 provides 15 different combinations allowing full color control and dimming from 0 to 100% of light intensity on each channel.

Check here at first hand what each channel provides!


 8 white UV/violet 18K LEDs (410 nm)

16 white violet 6.5K LEDs (420-430 nm)

Tuned to increase levels of chlorophyll A in corals.


 4 UV LEDs (410nm)

7 violet LEDs (430nm)

7 wide blue/cyan LEDs (470nm)

10 royal blue LEDs (450nm)

 Ideal for wide moonlight effects from 380nm to 520nm, color & fluorescence enhancement and lowering the risk of bleaching.


12 white 18K LEDs

This Channel is also excellent to increase the general lighting of the tank due to high lumens of the white LEDs. (Orphek white LEDs at high Kelvin provide better PUR than any lower Kelvin white LED).


 2 white UV/violet 18K LEDs (410nm)

5 white violet 6.5K LEDs  (420-430nm)

7 wide red LEDs

It provides full spectrum 380nm to 750nm to highly increase levels of Chlorophyll A, B, C, F and caratenoids.



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Orphek Atlantik V2 LED Fixture

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