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NextReef NXS1 Protein Skimmer

Sku: NR-NXS1

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NextReef NXS1 Protein Skimmer

Sku: NR-NXS1


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NextReef NXS1 skimmers feature a fully-sealed, recirculating design, perfect for internal or external use.  That means they work as well in your sump as they do sitting next to it.  It also means that they're not picky about water level like many in-sump only models - like an infomercial oven, you can set it and forget it.

Big on performance.  Skimmer performance comes down to three things: air, bubble quality and dwell time.  NextReef NXS1 skimmers are big on all three, and it's made possible by the recirculating design.  Needlewheel pumps are great for aeraton, but do poorly when also tasked with feeding and maintaining the water level in an in-sump skimmer - the Sicce pump on the NXS1 is used exclusively for air introduction / recirculation, exactly what it does best.  Every watt of power goes towards producing air, not wasted lifting water.

NextReef quality goes into every NXS1 skimmer.  We have a reputation for overbuilding things, and these are no exception.  Each NXS1 skimmer is hand-assembled in the USA, from heavy-gage components, precision machined on our in-house CNC equipment.  They're sturdy, they're engineered well, and designed to withstand use by demanding hobbiests and commercial facilites alike.

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  • Heavy Duty Contruction 1/2" thick flat stock and 1/4" wall acrylic tube.  That's double what most competitors use.  They're heavy, and built for serious use - nothing light or flimsy here...

  • UniSeal fittings on the pump, inlet and outlet.  We chose UniSeals because they're durable - they flex instead of breaking, and provide a stronger interface than acrylic bonded to PVC.  They're watertight, and user-replaceable (Want to modify or reconfigure your NXS1? Go for it!).  UniSeals also help isolate vibration and noise from pumps.

  • Sicce PSK Recirculation Pumps.  Sicce pumps are quiet, reliable, and low in power consumption.  NXS1 skimmers are built around factory-tuned Sicce PSK pumps and NextReef's custom venturi. 


  • Twist-off Cup Assembly.  Machined from solid acrylic, all NXS1 skimmers feature an easy to use twist-lock neck.  Collection cup maintenece is as easy as a quarter turn. 

  • Machined Trasition.  Most skimmers use a thermoformed "transition" - the section where the body reduces down to the size of the neck.  Because thermoformed transitions are the weakest point on a skimmer, the NextReef NXS1 series features transitions machined from 1" of solid cast acrylic.  They look flat from the outside, but inside the transition is milled in a smooth, compound curve to efficiently concentrate the bubbles and waste into the neck.

  • Integrated Silencer.  Maximum air with minimum noise.  They're built heavy, too, and they're easy to remove for cleaning.  

    NextReef NXS1 Internal / External Recirculating Skimmer

    Recommended Tank Size: Up to 225 gallons  (850L)
    Height: 24" Overall Height    (610mm) 
    Footprint: Approx 13" x 13" with Pump and Fittings   (330mm x 330mm)) 
    Reaction Chamber: 6" x 16"    (155mm x 410mm)
    Power Consumption: 15w
    Air Intake:  800lph (max) 
    Inlet / Outlet: 1/2" FNPT fitting (replaceable) / 1.25" slip PVC
    Suggested Water Flow (User supplied pump or gravity fed):  100-200gph  (350-700 l/hr)


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