Manufacturer Resource Page

Aquarium Specialty will be happy to assist you with any manufacturer warranty issues you may have with a product however most manufacturers prefer to work directly with the consumer.  Below is an alphabetical listing of manufacturer contact information to assist you with any repair or warranty coverage you may need assistance with.

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Algae Free & Sure Flow: 608-516-4274 [email protected]

Alita: 626 962-2116 [email protected]

American Marine (Pinpoint): 914-763-5367 [email protected]

Aquatic Life: 888-548-3480 [email protected]

Aquatronica: 866-493-6787 (Hydor)

Aqua Illumination: 515.233.5105 [email protected]

ATI: 303-459-2119 [email protected]

Avast Marine: 951-AVAST-MW (282-7869) [email protected]

Digital Aquatics: 425-527-0995 [email protected]

EcoTech Marine: 610-954-8480 [email protected]

Emperor Aquatics: 610-970-0440 [email protected]

Genesis Reef Systems: [email protected]

Hamilton Technology: 800-447-9797 [email protected]

Hanna Instruments: 800-426-6287 (live chat is also available)

Hydor: 866-493-6787

Iwaki: 508-429-1440  [email protected]

JBJ: 877-374-9981  [email protected]

Maxspect: 985-718-1465

Milwaukee Instruments: 252-443-3630 [email protected]

Octopus: 985-781-9078 [email protected]

Ozotech: 800-795-9671 [email protected]

Red Sea: 1-888-REDSEA9  [email protected]

Reef Brite: 219-406-8940 [email protected]

Reef Fanatic: 877-614-5388 [email protected]

Reeflo Pumps: 877-378-6798 [email protected]

SpectraPure: 800-685-2783 [email protected]

Sunlight Supply: 615-622-8200 [email protected]

Tunze: 512-833-7546 [email protected]