T5 Lamps

T5 Lamps


In order to insure that lamps arrive safely to you, we take extra care to make sure we are using shipping materials specifically designed to protect lamps. To do this, we must charge a flat rate packaging fee for Aquarium T5 lamps. For 24", 36" and 48" lamps, there is a $10.00 packaging fee added to lamp orders (60" lamps have a packaging fee of $15.00 to accommodate the larger shipping tube and packaging needs). The packaging fee is waived for lamp orders of 6 lamps or more.  Different sized lamps may be put into the same shipping tube. The packaging fee is assessed based on the longest tube in the box.  Lamps are still eligible for free shipping if 6 or more lamps are ordered and the order total is $175.00 or more. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a question via the contact us page or via phone at 803-788-4445 (M - F, 8am - 5pm est).

The shipping fee is built into the UPS charge. As you enter different quantities, you will see the shipping amount change.


LIGHT Output (PAR)
With the advent of Aquarium T5 lighting and the correct phospher blends it has been possible to produce a flourescent tube, which can emit 10% more light than the equivalent wattage from a metal halide bulb.  This is achieved with a 40% reduction in power consumption and reduced utility costs.  Another benefit is lamp life.  Expect a 1 year lamp life on Aquarium T5 lamps when run with a high quality electronic ballast. Aquarium T5 Lamps run much cooler than metal halide lamps and will have less impact on the heating of your aquarium water.