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JBJ Ocean Pulse Duo Wave Maker

Sku: JBJ-WM-01

JBJ Ocean Pulse Duo Wave Maker

JBJ Ocean Pulse Duo Wave Maker

Sku: JBJ-WM-01


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JBJ Ocean Pulse Duo Wave Maker
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Creating Motion in Captive Oceans - The Ocean Pulse Duo and Quadra are an innovative wavemakers that were specifically designed to replicate the natural alternating rhythms of tides and currents for home aquariums. These wavemakers instantly create turbulent flow patterns with adjustable alternating cycle times from 10 seconds - 6 minutes. All models are equipped with an adjustable dial(s) for quick and easy set-up for virtually all types of inverts, corals, filter feeders and fish who will gain immediate benefits. Always research specific flow requirements for individual animals before making adjustments. Water movement is vital for the success of invertebrates, anumals with symbiotic algae, filter feeders anf fish. The natural currents in the ocean bring random flow and wave sycle patterns that provide nourishment while suspending waste particles for filters to effectively trap.

Benefits of Replicating Wave Patterns Recreating water movement is essential for captive animals within our aquariums for long-term success. By installing the Ocean Pulse Wavemaker you will immediately be rewarded, as you see you aquarium transform into a cleaner, healthier and more natural environment.


  • * Provides oxygen rich water to entire aquarium
  • * Provides more stable water temperature
  • * Creates desirable turbulant flow patterns only found in nature
  • * Flushes "dead spots" of detritus and accumulated waste
  • * Increase fish activity
  • * Stimulates coral and invertebrate growth
  • * Allows corals amore exposure to light

Specs: Model:WM-01 Pump Capacity: 2 pumps Pulse Range: 10 seconds - 6 minutes Max Amps Per AC Outlet: 1.2 / 132 Watts 110 volts/60 Hz Power Consumption: 2 Watts

Dimentions: 2.75" L x 1" W x 4" H

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Manufacturer JBJ


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