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Giesemann Teszla XT 20" LED Lighting System

Sku: Teszla-XT

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Giesemann Teszla XT 20" LED Lighting System

Sku: Teszla-XT

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Built to the same stunning quality, and carrying all the same features and technology as its smaller brother, the TESZLA-XT is a double module unit giving 130w of light output for  larger aquariums, or can be used in multiple rows, especially on aquariums with a large front to back profile.  (for additional multiple module options also see the Futura range)

Onboard control at your fingertips

The Teszla-XT also comes complete with its own onboard control system designed exclusively by Giesemann that incorporates:

0-100% intensity adjustment on White channel
0-100% intensity adjustment on Blue channel
0-100% intensity adjustment on Royal Blue channel
Built in 24hr Timer
Built in Moonlight cycle.
Sunrise/Sunset feature.

Note: This item ships factory direct from Germany to your door step.  Available to US customers only.

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Giesemann Teszla XT 20" LED Lighting System White
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Giesemann Teszla XT 20" LED Lighting System Silver

Remote Control

The TESZLA and Teszla XT also incorporate an additional rear port and bypass command that allows connection  to a wide range of aquarium computers  Including our very own G-Tron Aquarium Computer (requires use of a dedicated computer interface : pt number 20.171.032 which is available as an optional extra) This then allows further functionality dependent on the individual controllers capabilities such as separate timing schedules for each channel, real time moon and cloud phase etc. Up to four TESZLA or TESZLA-XT can be connected to a single interface. (In some cases connection may require additional cables in accordance with the individual computer manufacturers recommendations)

4 way Computer Interface kit 20.171.032

Bluetooth Remote Control Upgrade Option (Due for release late 2012)

An Ingenious upgrade pack allowing up to 4 x TESZLA or TESZLA-XT units to be connected and controlled via Bluetooth connection from either PC / Smartphone or Tablet using a simple but highly flexible software interface designed exclusively by Giesemann. Details are yet to be finalised but will include separate channel timing facility via a real-time clock, moon, sunrise/sunset features and onboard storage of settings in the case of extended power outage.

Two versions of TESZLA-XT are available - the standard version with a matt anodized aluminium finish and the special “pure” edition with a high gloss pure white powder coating. Each version features black varnished upper glass elements.

Extensive warranty

As the TESZLA-XT  is 100% made in Germany we are able to guarantee the highest performance and quality standards. At the same time we offer a simple replacement parts service so that your lighting does not become a disposable product. As with all GIESEMANN products, the TESZLA series has undergone extensive long-term testing. As the only TÜV certified company for aquarium illumination worldwide, we can therefore guarantee both the high standards and the safety of our products. That is why all our products come with up to 24 month guarantee (some conditions may apply).



Two versions of TESZLA-XT are available - the standard version with a matt anodized aluminium finish and the special “pure” edition with a high gloss white powder coating at no extra cost. Each version features black varnished upper glass elements.

  • Specifications
  • Dimensions: 20.0 x 7.3 x 1.9 inches (510 x 185 x 48mm)
  • Weight: 10 lbs (4.6 kg)
  • Colour Options: Pure White Powder coat or Anodised Silver
  • 20 x Cree XM-L white
  • 8 x Cree XP-G Blue (465-485 nm)
  • 8 x Cree XP-G Royal Blue (450-465 nm)
  • 4 x Special 7000-8000° Kelvin LEDs
  • Loss-free 120º optics without beam forming
  • Total Output: 130 watts
  • Optimal Surface area light spread (Please see notes below)*
  • Cooling: Active temperature control
  • Safety: Temporary LED shutdown on overheating (whilst cooling)
  • Power Supply 110-240v AC (50-60Hz)


* Surface area spread can be increased / decreased by raising / lowering the unit in relation to the aquariums water surface. however a subsequent gain or loss in overall intensity will be encountered as a result. Manual adjustment of intensity is still applicable on all channels via the Light units programmable options. The following however is a general guide as to light spread and overall intensity dependent on distance that the unit is placed from the water surface with all channels at 100%.

20 x 30 inches (peak intensity) = ideal for specialised shallow water SPS species and clams requiring high intensity.

24 x 36  inches. (moderate - high intensity) = Ideal for mixed reef consisting  SPS and clams in upper regions, and deep water SPS and LPS in lower regions mixed with various soft polyp mushrooms etc.

Mounting Options

Of course it wouldn't be right to offer a high quality light, without offering equally  stylish mounting options, so Giesemann offer various options for securely mounting or suspending the entire range of LED fixtures.

High quality Suspension kit (TESZLA  and TESZLA- XT)

PT No 20.171.013-6

Stainless steel hanging wire kit that connects directly to the upper plate of the light unit allows fully adjustable suspension from ceilings or similar.

Adjustable Mounting Bracket (TESZLA)

PT No 20.171.031-0 (Anodised)

PT No 20.171.031-6 (Pure White)

A stylish adjustable Mounting bracket that offers secure attachment to the aquarium

side or back pane (suitable for glass thickness 6 - 15.0mm)

Note: care should be taken when converting existing stock to LED from other light sources. It is advised that all units be set  to no more than 50% on all channels initially, and that livestock is closely observed for signs of paling/bleaching before slowly increasing intensity over several weekly increments.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Manufacturer Giesemann


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