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Elos Test Kit - General Hardness


Elos Test Kit - General Hardness

Elos Test Kit - General Hardness



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Elos AquaTest Kit - General Hardness (GH)
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General Hardness is primarily the concentration of the Calcium (Ca++) and Magnesium (Mg++), the two most important metal cations with more than single positive charge. If the amount of these salts is low, then the water is called soft. When their amount is higher, the water is called hard. Total hardness is normally given in German degrees (dH°), whereby 1 dH° is equal to 10 mg/Lt dissolved Calcium oxide. The concentration of these salts inside the water effect the biological functions of plants and fishes. The optimal value for the General Hardness depends on the species of fish and plants. Where many African and South East Asian species fluorish in relatively hard water, South American ones may neeed soft water. By the way, if a range of hardness of 3 to 16 dH° is accepted, a range of 4 to 10 dH° is considered to be ideal. The periodical analytical valuation of GH in the aquarium water should be considered by the serious aquarium enthusiast. ELOS AquaTest GH, as well as all the other titrimetric test kit of this line, grants an high precision thanks to several procedures like the use of calibrated dropper with constant and predefined drops of 0,03 ml each, the validation of its quality, thrugh NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) certified samples, in order to grant accuracy and constant results, the carefull stock management to supply to our customers ONLY the most actual and fresh production batch.

HIGHLIGHTS: High precision: thanks to the use of calibrated dropper NIST validation: each batch is validated using NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) samples High number of test per kit: up to 40 test (with a standard GH level of 10 dGH) "Safe reagents": reagents and testing procedures are based on Low Risk Reagents.

None of Elos's test kit are based on Toxic Reagents

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