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Build My LED Original Series14000K Reef Spectrum Fixture

Sku: BML-14R

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Build My LED Original Series14000K Reef Spectrum Fixture

Sku: BML-14R


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  • Custom selection of LEDs provides a full light spectrum necessary to maintain a successful reef aquarium with beautiful color rendition.
  • Contains key wavelengths missing from most reef LED fixtures
  • High PAR levels provide the light needed by Zooxanthellae algae which produce the food needed by hard and soft corals for maximum coloration and growth.
  • U.S. made, industrial quality, fan-free LED fixture.
  • Top quality LEDs protected by heavy spray-proof aluminum case and tough, easy to clean polycarbonate cover.
  • Even, edge-to-edge light with no hot spots and no disco effect.
  • Dimmable from 100% to 10% when used with our manual dimmer or controller. Compatible with these controllers: Apex, Reef Keeper Lite and Reef Angel.
  • High PAR levels with immediate power savings compared to T5’s and Metal Halide.
  • 50,000 hour projected life.
  • Has the approximate color temperature of a 14000K Metal Halide bulb.
  • NOTE: The 18" fixture uses a 12" circuit board centered in an 18" fixture. The 30" fixture uses two 12" circuit boards with a 2" gap between the boards


LED Selections per 12" Board: (5) 6500K Cool White, (4) 450nm Royal Blue, (3) 470nm Blue, (1) 405nm UV, (1) 525nm Green, (1) 660nm Deep Red

We purchase top-bin LEDs from the world's largest and most reputable LED manufacturers (i.e. Philips Lumileds, Everlight, etc.).

We use 1W and 3W LEDs in our fixtures, and they are driven at 350mA to ensure long life and high electrical efficiency. Due to the large number of LEDs we use in every fixture, we do not need to overdrive the LEDs to achieve extremely high PAR ratings.


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A beautiful reef spectrum with an additional boost in the UV and blue portion of the spectrum...

Rated as one of the Top 10 Products of 2013 by the editors at Reef Builders!

This spectrum contains more blue than our 12,000K Reef Spectrum fixture while generating the proper wavelengths needed by the Zooxanthellae algae which produce food needed for the survival and growth of most hard and soft corals. We’ve taken great care to select a combination of industrial quality LEDs to provide measurably better color rendering capabilities than other 14,000K lights. The result is a fixture that reveals the rich colors in your corals and dramatically enhances the overall appearance of the tank.

Use in conjunction with the Super Actinic Reef spectrum for a wide range of eye-popping fluorescence from your corals. Use in conjunction with the Pure UV spectrum to maximize the green fluorescent from you corals. Use in conjunction with the Purple Wave spectrum to enhance the red, orange and yellow fluorescent response from your corals.  Click on the Product Info tab below to review the technical details of this fixture.

Recommended for: Reef keepers who desire a full spectrum light that subtly enhances the blue colors in a reef aquarium. Many of our customers say it is the perfect reef spectrum for single fixture aquariums.

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