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Red Dragon 230W Speedy Pump

The New Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 230 Watt Pump is the Beast - Coming Soon!

This pump is sure to be a big hit with large aquarium enthuiasts.  The stock version of the RD3 Speedy 230 is rated at 5283 gallons per hour (20,000 liters) at a height of 6.56 feet (2 meters).  Like it's smaller siblings, the 230W is completely DC controllable by way of the accompanying DC Interface.  The Speedy 230 Watt comes standard with the 1-10v interface that will allow the user to connect to a Neptune Apex or GHL Profilux aquarium controller.  We haven't had an opportunity to experience the pump in operation as of yet, however, if it's anything like the 50 watt and 80 watt pumps then expect it to be nearly silent.  Word is that Royal Exclusiv plans to also incorporate the pump into it's largest skimmers utilizing a special impeller, as show on the right hand side of the picture (below).

Preorders are now being accepted here.

Red Dragon Impellers

Check out the specifications and features from the newest pump in the Red Dragon Speedy Series.  

Technical data  Red Dragon® 3 Speedy pump 230 Watt 20.5 m³:
230 Watt/h @ 21.32 feet (6.5 meters) maximum pressure height
speed adjustable brushless DC pump
Watt-Display at the controller /// in 2 Watt steps adjustable
intake side 2.5" (63 mm) - pressure side 2" (50 mm)
operating voltage: 110V/60Hz
pump and controller with a removeable Hirschmann-plug-connection 
Protection class pump: IP 68  control unit: IP 66   
Weight pump: 7.72 lbs (3.5 kg) 
Weight controller: 2.65 lbs (1.2kg)
Height of...

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QuietDrive Vortech pump to be formally announced next week.  Stay tuned.  Could it be a solid state dry side pump and new quieter wet side?  For a little more info on this visit:


Votech Quite Drive

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With ever changing technology, it is a common problem for a seasoned aquarist to find himself with a piece of equipment that has been discontinued and is no longer supported by its manufacturer.  An example of this is the Vertex IN Skimmer.  Vertex IN skimmers were sold in many countries until they were replaced by the Omega line.  The IN series skimmers used a pump that is no longer available from Vertex.  Thanks to the ingenuity of the folks at Reef Life Support Systems (RLSS), the Vertex IN skimmers can continue to serve for many years to come.  Incorporating a modification which replaces the Vertex pump with a Waveline DC6000 controllable pump, your Vertex IN Skimmer can actually be revitalized.  RLSS has released a video of the modification which appears to involve an IN 250 or 280 model. RLSS has promised to send us a part list for the MOD and instructions on how to modify your skimmer to either increase it's performance or replace a dead skimmer pump that's been discontinued.  The skimmer modification only takes about 5 minutes and then you are back in business.

As you can see from the video, the skimmer mod with the newer pump technology is more powerful and efficient than the older original pump design.  For more on how to mod your skimmer please contact us.

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Neptune DOS Dosing Pump


The new Neptune Systems "DOS" pumps are now available for pre-order from Aquarium Specialty. According to our Neptune Systems representative, the first product shipment will occur no later than Mid-November, possibly sooner.  Due to limited availability during its initial release, Neptune Systems is allocating only 15 of these systems to each of its authorized distributors.  Aquarium Specialty will accept the first 15 pre-orders and then mark this item as unavailable until further notice once the first 15 are pre-sold. Ordering now will ensure that you will be one of the first who are guaranteed to receive this highly antiipated product offering. Click the link to find out more about the Neptune DOS or act now and pre-order yours while you can.

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Royal Exclusiv Germany

Royal Exclusiv (Germany)

The Royal Exclusiv ® company is headquartered in the north of Cologne and specializes in the production of pumps, protein skimmers and high-quality sumps and other aquarium related products.  The company began producing aquarium products in 1986 by owner and master craftsman, Klaus Jansen.  Klaus's 28+ years of professional experience in wood, metal and plastics processing and manufacturing has led Royal Exclusiv to be the world leader in innovating better and better protein skimmer designs and more recently, state of the art aquarium sumps and water pumps.

Royal Exclusiv's primary focus is producing and optimizing top tier best in class pumps, protein skimmers and other aquarium products.

Back in September the Royal Exclusiv team invited me to lunch while we were at MACNA 2013 and this is when I learned that they were making plans to open up Royal Exclusiv USA in Ft. Myers Florida sometime after the 1st of the year.  The 4000 sq. ft. facility in Ft. Myers is already in place and they are currently getting all the logistics in place to open May 1st of 2014 and they expect to be fully operational by the end of 2014.


Royal Exclusiv USA

Aquarium Specialty has been carrying Royal Exclusiv Bubble King skimmers and Red Dragon pumps longer than any other dealer in the US and we have always supported the line to the best of our ability but not without it's inherent challenges.  The challenge has always been getting is skimmers, pumps and parts quickly enough to satisfy the high en...

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V6 Pump

The new V6 Flow Pump,  is the latest product coming to through the pipeline from Vertex Aquaristik.  The V6 water pump will be powered by the Askoll motor block which produces 1584 gallons per hour of water flow with a maximum head pressure of 8 feet (2.5 meters).  At 65 watts of power this is one efficient AC pump.

Besides reliable water flow, the Vertex V6 is also virtually inaudible in the typical aquarium environment. Sound and vibration is minimized by rubber base feet and a massive CNC machined pump head that dampens any vibrational noise that could be transferred from the pump’s base to the hard surfaces of the sump.

A custom volute sits at the business end of the V6 and is threaded to a PN16 slip union. This makes it easy to use schedule 40 or 80 PVC hard pipe or flexible PVC pipe (Spa Flex) your sump while allowing for easy removal.

Vertex Aquaristik tells us that each V6 impeller shaft is individually custom machined to perfection from a special corrosion resistant alloy, using state of the art equipment and technology resulting in an unparalleled, resilient, and long-lasting impeller assembly.

For pre-order information please click this link.


  • Length: 20cm/ 7.9”
  • Width:  10.5cm / 4.15”
  • Height: 17cm / 6.8”



Input-Power: 110V / 60Hz
Power Consumption:    ̴ 65W
Input:    32mm / 1.25”
Output: 25mm / 1”
Flow <  6000LPH / 1584 US-Gallons
Pressure < 2.5meters / 8’

Construction: PVC Base, Pump head
Shaft: Hardened Alloy
Fastners: M6 / Grade II Titanium
Warranty: ...
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