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Nano Fusion

Innovative Marine announces the launch of its new 18 watt Skkye LED lights in tandem with the line of 10 and 20 gallon Fusion Nano aquariums.  The newly designed 18 watt Skkye LED fixtures are designed to complement the Fusion Nano Series and feature 90 degree angles as opposed to the curved brackets on their earlier 4,6 and 8 watt fixtures.  In addition to the sleek new look, the fabrication has incorporated a premium looking polished aluminum housing which replaces the earlier plastic composition. Aquarium Specialty will have these lights and combo packages available as soon as Innovative Marine ships its initial product to dealers.  For more info on Innovative Marine Skkye lights, please visit this link.

Fusion 20 Nano

Fusion 10 Nano

The 10 gallon Fusion Nano tank/light combo is priced out at $199 and the 20 gallon Fusion Nano tank/lights (2 each) combo will be priced at $399.  The Fusion Nano 10 Gallon tank without the Skkye Light sells for $99.00 while the 20 Gallon tank sells for $199.00.  For more on Innovative Marine aquariums visit here.

From the Innovative Marine Website:


Pair off your Fusion Nano with the new stylishly slim SKKYE Light 18 watt LED clamp. Specifically designed for the Fusion Nano 10 & 20, this clamp light may also be used with other rimless aquariums for a space saving form factor and pure minimalism. Each clamp boasts 6 x 3 watt LEDs (3 x 10K and 3 x 456nm) that gives the Clamp 18 a powerful 18 watt light output. Alternating LED color pattern blend...

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Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 10 & 20 Gallon Aquariums

To see the Fusion Nano Video, click the headline.

We are pleased to announce that Innovative Marine is releasing smaller sized Fusion aquariums.  The new aquariums will be called Nuvo Fusion Nano and we expect retail orders to begin shipping by the 2nd week of August.  Like it's bigger brothers, the Fusion Nano all-in-one aquariums feature a rear filtration compartment for a heater, Ghost skimmer, All-In-One Biopellet Reactor and return pump (included).  Aquarium Specialty has made it extremely easy to order additional compatible Fusion Nano equipment such as lighting, heaters, filtration and other accessories.

Fusion Nano aquariums feature low iron glass and are carefully assembled to look great in any home or office environment.  We expect these to be extremely popular aquariums for the foreseeable future.  For detailed information about the new Fusion Nano aquariums we suggest you visit here for the Fusion Nano 10 gallon and here for the Fusion Nano 20 gallon aquarium.

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Innovative Marine is about to Launch a line line of larger aquariums that will be available in 3 different models.  By the week of November 18th Innovative Marine and Aquarium Specialty will be offering the SR 60, 80 and 120 Gallon Aquariums rimless aquariums.  Each model features Ultra thick high clarity low iron glass, a leviling rubber mat, flat polished edges, and black silicon.  Each of the Nuvo SR seriers aquariums also features a unique frame that can easily clip into place to keep fish where they are supposed to be.  Now jumpers like many species of wrasses and others will think twice about trying to jump out of the tank to take a little hardwood or carpet nap.

The guesswork has been taken out of the shipping charges.  Each model haas flat rate shipping and the SR Series aquariums are shipping factory direct beginning the week of November 18th according to Innovative Marine.  Pre-orders are being accepeted now through Aquarium Specialty.  

The NUVO SR-Series Aquariums will be shipped via LTL (Less Truck Load). Shipping is a flat rate, residential delivery via pallet w/ truck lift gate.

Nuvo SR Aquarium

SR-60 Features



  • 60 Gallon Capacity
  • Ultra Thick 10mm High Clarity Glass / Low Iron
  • Leveling Rubber Mat
  • DIMS (36” x 24” x 16”)
  • Flat Polished
  • Diamond Edge Polished
  • Black Silicone
  • Aluminum Framed Mesh Screen Lid/Clips



  • Acrylic Filter Wall w / Dual Overflows
  • (2) 4” Micron Sock -  Mechanical Filters
  • (4) Adjustable Return Flare Nozzles
  • (2) 317 Gallons Per Hour Pumps
  • Designated Heater Col...
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If you desire the highest water quality but are frustrated with some of the media reactors on the market then meet the all new Innovative Marine MiniMax All-In-One Media Reactor. The MiniMax All-In-One Media Reactor is a novel approach to optimize chemical and biological filtration for nano & mini marine aquariums, something that has typically been lacking with an out of the box plug and play type product.  The innovative Patent Pending design minimizes the need for flexible tubes, pvc pipes, ball valves, thumb screws, and unnecessary clutter that are usually associated with typical media reactors.  The ingenious design maximizes performance and offers out of the box responsive flow control, easy maintenance, low power consumption, and the smallest form factor ever built which is necessary to fit within the Nuvo Series filter compartments. The versatile MiniMax is designed to be discreetly hidden behind All-In-One Aquariums or placed directly in other brands of aquarium sumps.

The MiniMax Desktop All-In-One Media Reactor is designed to fit into the Innovative Marine Nuvo Pico 4 and Nuvo Nano 8 aquarium filtration compartment and the MiniMax Mid Size All-In-One is designed for the Nano 16Micro 30 and Mini 38 Innovative Marine Aquariums but it can also be used in other brands of aquariums and sumps as well.  Coupled with the Innovative Marine Skimmate series protein skimmers is going to close the chain link for desktop and mini aquarium filtration.

Here's a short video that wil...

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