There seems to be a lot of choices in the ATO arena these days.  Recently Innovative Marine launched their new ATO system and dosing pump and now the Auto Aqua ATO is being imported into the US beginning this November.  

The new Auto Aqua Smart ATO-Automatic Top Off System Promises to be BIG but in a small form factor.  About the size of a golf ball, the Smart ATO Automatic Top Off System features a contactless optical water level sensor and smart AFS (Auto Feedback Security) technology.  For us the only way to keep your aquariums salinity stable in marine aquariums is by imploring the use of an ATO system.  The small form factor of the Auto Aqua ATO makes it an ideal choice for many marine aquariums including nano setup where space is typically not a commodity. 



Smart ATO-Automatic Top Off


Aquarium Specialty is now accepting pre-orders and the Smart ATO systems will begin shipping sometime in November.


Product Overview

What is Smart AFS Technology?
The Smart ATO is a unique Auto Top Off system with a patent pending contactless digital sensor that monitors and automates refilling evaporated water. Best of all it is ver easy to install and contains no moving parts that can fail. Integrated with AFS (Auto Feedback Security) technology which provides real-time fail safe protection against failure. You simply move the outside controller to adjust your sump to a desired water level. Its that easy!  The 2 halves attach with a magnet for easy water height adjustment.  No hangers or suction cups needed.

Mounts to...

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