Aquarium Specialty is setting up a new low iron glass 60 gallon cube featuring a lot of high end equipment and we are naming it the MOACC (Mother of All Clown Cubes).  We unashamedly borrowed the concept of the name from Reef Builders who named our MATSA Aquarium (Mother of All Trade Show Aquariums) a couple of years back.  The MOACC aquarium will house a few different anemones including a rather difficult to keep blue carpet anemone and a Rainbow Inferno Bubble Tip Anemone along with about 30 Proaquatix captive raised clown fish that just arrived today.  

We will keep this going as an active blog post with updated specs, pictures and videos.  Down the road we might even add a web came just for fun.  To stay up to date with additions to our MOACC display please like us on facebook or feel free to bookmark the page.  We hope you will enjoy our little pet project.

The photos taken on 12/12/13 are under a 16K Orphek DIF100 pendant.  We will have the new "anemone" diode array sometime next week if all goes well.  At that time we will be introducing the blue carpet anemone.

Here's a list of the equipment included in the setup.

  • Deep Blue 60 Gallon Rimless low iron glass tank (24"x24"x24")
  • Aquaroche Ceramic Rock
  • CaribSea Tropical Isle Tahitian Moon Sand
  • Blue Life USA black background
  • Trigger 20" x 20" x 15" custom sump
  • Waveline DC6000 Return Pump
  • RLSS R6-i Protein Skimmer
  • Triton Aquatics PO4x4 Reactor
  • Orphek DIF100 with custom anemone diode array with Neptune Control
  • Neptune Apex Controller
  • Verte...
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