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Reefer Pro Cell Phone Cases

9/20/13 11:48 AM

Aquarium Specialty is now the North American distributor for the Reefer Pro line of cell phone cases. Reefer-Pro is the first and only dedicated range of phone cases designed specifically with the coral reef and aquarist in mind.  Reef-Pro offers only the finest quality product that incorporates all the features expected in a premium brand at an affordable price.

Exclusive Imagery:

Each and every Reefer-Pro design is carefully chosen from thousands of high resolution images.  The design is then re-mastered to fit each case in full wrap-around format retaining all of the origional exquisit detail, finished with a stylish but unobtrusive Reefer-Pro logo. There are many designed to choose from and cases are available for the iPhone 4 & 4S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S2/S3, HTC One S/X, and Black Berry phones.

Protecting the Image

A Case Made To Last:

Of course the image is only one part of the package.  The case itself is equally as important, which is why Reefer-Pro exclusively uese cases from world renowned manufacturer Casemate.

Smart-phones are designed in most situations to be unobtrusive and slime line, so Reefer-Pro uses cases from Casemate's 'Barely There' range which offers unbelievable strength whilst still being incredibly light and unobtrusive. 

Pre Order Now!

Aquarium Specialty will be accepting preorders for cases until October 11, 2013. Orders placed by that date are guaranteed to arrive on our first shipment due mid to late October 2013. 



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Be the Envvy of your aquarium friends with the new Eshopps Envvy iphone 5 cell phone cases.  Aquarium Specialty has both of the new Envvy Peppermint Angel Fish and Clownfish cell phone cases in stock and ready to ship.  To place an order with same day shipping prior to 3:30 PM EST please visit this link at Aquarium Specialty.  Wholesale customer can log into Aqua Specialty and find the cell phone cases in our ornamentals section under Care & Maintenance.


Eshopps Envvy Cell Phone Cases

About the Eshopps Envvy brand and Project

The Envvy brand is all about finding products and converting it to the pet industry. The phone case is Eshopps first project under the new Envvy label and they expect to be launching other items in the near future.  We think it's a great business plan and here's what Louie from Eshopps had to say about it. 

"Just think about it, how many Aquarists have smart phones?  The answer, almost everyone!  How many cell phone users have a cell phone case?  The answer, almost everyone.  The iphone 5 case is our first project.  It’s a little risky and out the norm for us but if it works, we might make a lot of hobbyists happy."

The MSRP is only at $19.99, very affordable considering some of the cases at other fine retailers charge charge $30.00-$40.00 for a basic case and all the way up to $65.00 or more for some of the more exotic cases.

Case Features

  • iphone 5
  • Slick & nice design
  • Nice packaging
  • Comes in two styles: the peppermint angelfish and clown fish
  • lightweight and not overly bulky

Eshopps Envvy cell phone case

Aquarium Specialty...

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