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BioTek Marine BTM3000 Saltwater Submersible Sensor Wand

BioTek Marine PAR Sensor Wand

To see our BTM3000 product video please click the title of this article and the video link will be displayed.

The new BioTek Marine BTM3000 Saltwater Submersible Sensor Wand mounts directly to the BioTek Marine sensor head and are now being offered at Aquarium Specialty and soon expect to see them available at other online retailers in the very near future.  The BioTek Marine PAR sensor wand is designed to work with the BTM3000 PAR Sensor head and it is also completely compatible with all Apogee radiation sensors such as the popular MQ200 PAR Meter.  For more information including pricing please visit here or you can also visit BioTek Marine.


  • 33" long (84 cm)
  • Saltwater Safe
  • Compatible with BioTek Marine BTM3000 Sensor and Apogee radiation sensors
  • Fiberglass Construction
  • padded handle
  • Won't Rust
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BioTek Marine SQ420 PAR Sensor

Can you guess what new product Biotek Marine has working on lately by looking at the above picture?  Well, if you guessed a new BioTek Marine USB BTM-3000 PAR Sensor with Aquarium Specific Software then you would be correct.  In the very near future BioTek Marine will be launching the new USB PAR sensor into the market.  The BioTek Marine PAR sensor is the result of a collaboration which began about a year ago when Scott Groseclose from Aquarium Specialty reached out to Apogee Instruments with an idea to co-develop a USB PAR sensor geared towards aquarists.  Apogee began to research and develop the new chip design while BioTek Marine specified the software requirements.  If you find yourself asking "how is it different from the Apogee MQ200 PAR Meter?", then READ ON......  

Here is a sneak peak of the product and some of its features:

Like the more expensive MQ200 model, the new BioTek Marine USB PAR model will offer data logging.  However, BioTek Marine has included some other nifty software features not available in the MQ200. Due to the current stage of development, the details on those features will be discussed in a later article.  The PAR sensors will be laser etched with the BioTek Marine name and they will come standard with a 15 foot USB cable.  The firmware will be be downloadable to any PC or MAC (MAC firmware coming soon) device and the firmware and updates will be downloadable from the Aquarium Specialty website.  

The first 3 production models will be going to Jake...

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BioTek Marine Nylon Filter Socks

BioTek Marine Filter Socks

You rarely see a blog article about filter socks, however, the new BioTek Marine nylon filter socks offer a huge advantage over standard felt type filter socks.  These filter socks are easier to use and offer long-term economy over their felt-type counterparts, even though they cost slightly more on the front end. So let's discuss the BioTek Marine advantages.

The most notable advantage is longevity.

BioTek Marine Nylon Filter Socks are Longer Lasting: You may expect these nylon socks to last for dozens of cleanings before they need to be discarded and replaced.  Unlike standard felt-type filter socks that typically only last for 3-4 cleanings, BioTek Marine filter socks can be reused dozens of times before needing to be replaced.

Next advantage, cleanability.

BioTek Marine Nylon Filter Socks are much easier to clean: Standard felt-type socks are difficulty to thoroughly clean.  Typically, when a standard filter sock is cleaned, it must be rinsed in a dish washer or washing machine to get them cleaned well enogh to use them again.  This can be a stinky process that will make you unpopular aound the house.  Also, running the dish washer or washing machine uses additional energy in these times when we are all trying to do our part for the lanet (not to mention our wallets).  BioTek Marine Nylon Filter socks can easily be rinsed out in a sink or with a garden hose in just a minute or two, and returned to the sump for reuse.

Finally the value factor.


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BioTek Marine Ceramic Reef Rock

Aquarium Specialty is pleased to announce a new line of reef-ready ceramic rock to it's expanding line of BioTek Marine products.

Each piece of reef-ready ceramic rock is carefully hand sculpted by experienced artisans.  BioTek Marine ceramic rock does not need curing.  Simply add it to your aquarium and it will begin colonizing coraline algae and probiotic bacteria along with your favorite corals.  Unlike some other ceramic rock options on the market, BioTek Marine Ceramic Rock has plenty of surface area and hiding places for fish, shrimp and more cryptic aquarium inhabitants.

BioTek Marine Ceramic Rock is available in sculptured cave and shelf style pieces in various sizes.  Since each piece is hand-made, you may expect slight varations in shapes and sizes from the stock depictions of this product.  For pricing, sizing and several more product images, please visit here.  Now Biotek Marine has two eco-friendly options for aquascaping your reef aquariums with it's Dry Reef Rock and Ceramic Reef Rock.  

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Aquarium Specialty announces new product offerings in it's online catalog.  Recently,  Doctor Eco Systems, the makers of high quality fish, coral and invertebrate foods asked us to consider carrying their coral, inverebrate and fish foods.  After careful study, Aquarium Specialty is pleased to offer these new products.  The following is a review of one of these products known as Doc's Eco Eggs.

Dr Eco Systems Super Eggs


Doc's Eco Eggs are super high in protein-brined fish roe which contains a high fat content including omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for your fish and corals.  Made from a high quality brined-fish roe which has been shown to send corals and fish into a feeding frenzy.  A benefit of this product  is that it can be shipped via regular UPS/FedEx with no need for refrigeration until it is actually opened for use by the consumer.  

The manufacturer reccomends not to overfeed Doc's Eco Eggs or you might have a protein skimmer.  RLSS DC controllable protein skimmers offer a 30 minute feed timer button as do many of the Reef Octopus models so we reccomened pushing the 30 minute feed timer button when using a lot of the food at one time.

Doctor Eco Systems recommends breaking up the egg mass in a cup of water prior to feeding your aquarium, but you may also squeeze some  directly onto your finger and add it directly to the aquarium. The egg gel tends to stay together longer, allowing large fish and larger LPS corals to ingest larger globs of the food. Small fish and corals benefit more from break...

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BioTek Marine Frag Mounts

Aquarium Specialty is now offering BioTek Marine's new line of premium ceramic frag plugs, frag disks, frag mounts and micro mounts.  Each mounting option features scored/grooved surfaces that hold the coral glue and frag in place on the surface of the mount.  The plugs, mounts and micro mounts are available in natural and coraline colors. The larger 1.75" flat Frag Disk is offered in natural. 

Each of the seven different products are presented in attractive retail packaging.

For pricing, product images and further information, please click here.

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BioTek Marine Dry Reef Rock

BioTek Marine Premium Dry Reef Rock is now available from Aquarium Specialty and we are pleased to be able to offer this premium dry rock mined from land in the sate of Florida.  BioTek Marine Dry Reef Rock is a dry rock that is mined from land and thus it has no impact to the reef environment and marine systems.  All of the rock is cleansed after it's mined so that dirt and other organics are removed from the rock crevaces and rock surfaces.

BioTek Marine Dry Reef Rock is delivered reef-ready and pest/organism free.  The advantages of using a natural dry dry over live rock is that it won't leach out potentially hamful substances into the aquarium water column and it provides a strong and supportative reef structure for your aquarium inhabitants.  BioTek Marine Premium Dry Rock can be used in marine fish only systems, reef aquariums and fresh water setups.

This product is presently in stock with same day shipping from Columbia, SC.  All orders received prior 3:30 PM EST will ship out the same business day.  BioTek Marine Rock is offered in 10lb boxes at a price of $22.49 and 25lb boxes sell for $56.49 per box. Both the 10lb and 25lb boxes ship at a flat rate of $10.00 per box within the continental USA.  To order or learn more please visit here.

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The new BioTek Marine frag racks are available from Aquarium Specialty.  They will also be debuting at other retail locations in the near future.  The new rack features a 23 3/4" x 23 3/4" surface for mounting your favorite frags.  The rack is black in color and is comprised of polished furniture grade black PVC pipe and PVC fittings to support your corals.  The cross members, fittings, egg crate and zip strap are all packaged in the kit.  Also included are two 21 1/2" PVC furniture grade sticks that can easily be cut to the desired length for the legs of  the rack.  The BioTek Marine Frag Rack assembles in a matter of minutes and is immediately ready for use upon assembly.  No gluing is required and the rack may easily be disassembled as needed.  For information and pricing please click here.

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