Aqua Illumination Wireless Controller

Here’s some exciting news from Aqua Illumination regarding their new wireless controller.  After listening to customer feedback and suggestions, Aqua Illumination recently announced the release of a major revision to their New Controller firmware that I happened to install yesterday over our new Vega reef tank. This new update offers a long list of new options, including support for the custom AI PowerPucks (coming out in the near future - more on that in a later article), wireless operation for SOL and Nano modules using the wireless adapter, a global regional timer to mimic sunrise/sunset times of major coral reefs, and much more. This firmware update is, of course, free to everyone who owns the New Controller and it is currently available to download from the AquaIllumination website.

One of the slickest features we like are the fail safe Vega dim down and the global region timers that simulate the light schedule of major reefs around the world.  Although the reef sunlight schedule is not a must have for healthy coral growth it has been show that spawning can occur under lighting conditions that more closely mimic the suns patterns.

The fail safe dim down of the AI Vega is particularly important to prevent coral burning if the modules lose wireless communications.  The other really cool feature, which AI calls Global Region Timers, is useful for aquarists looking to recreate natural lighting as close to nature as possible.  The firmware upgrade mimics lighting conditions in ...

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