Yesterday we ran another T5 vs. LED comparison but this time we put the T5 lighting up against another Orphek product.  This time we compared the existing T5 lighting to that of the Orphek PR72.  This exhibit is about 200 gallons at the same public aquarium.  Below is a short video that was shot with an iphone 4.  After the break we will post another video clip of the 55,000 gallon display with the Orphek DIF-100 pendant.



The Orphek PR72 Reef LED Pendant is a member of the new PR72 family of LED Pendants.  Its design goal was to aid hobbyists in growing beautiful corals in medium sized  aquariums or larger systems when multiple units are used,  and coral fragment tanks without relying on energy wasting metal halide or low PAR florescent tubes.

The LEDs were selected from the same LED bins used for the PR156XP fixture to duplicate the PUR lighting spectrum which is beneficial and necessary for growing corals, clams, and marine plants.  The highly efficient Mean Well LED Drivers use on the PR156XP and DIF series pendants are used here as well, no shortcuts were taken. The PR72 Reef LED Pendant will produce High PAR/PUR levels. The pendents offer plenty of PAR/PUR for growing all types of corals because the light energy is concentrated on the needed and desirable PUR spectrum while eliminating LEDs that emit non-essential wavelengths.


The PR72 Reef LED Pendant is a plug and play and the dimmable Mean Well LED Driver allows us to configure the PR72...

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