Zeovit CyanoClean

Korallen-Zucht has come out with an interesting new product that we can't wait to get our hands on.  It will be making it's way to Aquarium Specialty next week and we will be putting it through it paces as soon as it lands.  The Zeovit product is called CyanoClean and you guessed it, cleans / wipes out the dreaded red slime (AKA Cyanobacteria) in the aquarium.  Unlike other Cyanobacteria products we have seen on the market for years, CyanoClean eliminates Cyanobacteria though biological means.  

Each bottle contains live bacteria but it contains zero antibiotics or cleansing agents that can be harmful to reef aquarium inhabitants.  CyanoClean is completely reef aquarium safe and it won't alter the nutrient composition in any negative way according to Thomas Pohl, the brainchild behind the entire ZEOvit product line.


How CyanoClean Works

CyanoClean's probiotic bacteria get to work by out-competing and eventually "starving out" cyanobacteria in the marine aquarium.  Pre-Orders are now available here and pricing starts out at a reasonable $15.99 for the small size bottle.  Only 2 drops per 100 liters (about 26 gallons) is required daily when cyanobacteria is visibly present in the aquarium and 1 time per week as a preventative measure.

CyanoClean was developed as a companion product to Coral Snow and Zeozym that can both have a positive impact in reducing cyanobacteria in the aquarium.  For extreem cases of cyano outbreaks it may take up to 8 weeks for CyanoClean to wipe out visabl...

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