Innovative Marine, the makers of a vast array of aquarium products including Nuvo Aquariums, Aqua Gadget devices and Skkye LED lights are launching a new auto top off (ATO) and pump system within the new 2-3 weeks.  For retail Aqua Gadget Hydrofill pre-orders visit this link.  For Aqua Gadget Pumps visit this link. Wholesale customers will need to log into their accounts at Aqua Specialty.  We hope to be posting a video of the Hydrofill ATO controller later today.  Here's what we know about the new Innovative Marine Hydrofill ATO controller and pump system thus far.  

Hydrofill ATO



HydroFill – ATO Pump System

Pair your auto top off with the industry's first low voltage air lift pump specifically designed for ATO controllers. The HydroFill ATO Pump System eliminates the guess work, and comes complete with a lift pump, acrylic bracket, return pipe, 10 feet of silicone tubing, 3 hose clamps and an optional hanging mount.

Engineered for high performance, this external positive displacement diaphragm pump, outputs up to 15 gallons per hour and max 5 feet of head. The Hydrofill self-priming pump is equipped with a built-in check valve to safeguard against back siphoning.

The HydroFill diaphragm pump is the smart alternative when compared to submersible pumps, diaphragm pumps offer the benefit of safely running dry and are thermally protected against heat build-up.

The Hydrofill pumps versatile design offers 3 options for pump placement: hang-on, cabinet mount, or simply place on noise dampening ru...

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