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Hydra vs. Hydra TwentySix


Recently we have received several customer comments and concerns regarding the Hydra vs. the Hydra TwentySix.  Most of these comments suggest that the Hydra with 4 LED clusters is better than the Hydra TwentySix because it has only 2 LED clusters. The goal here is to put that perception to rest. We consulted with Joel at Aqua Illumination to better understand the rationale behind the development of the Hydra TwentySix since the Hydra was a fairly new product and still in good demand.  Here's a quick look at the differences and why Aqua Illumination feels that the Hydra TwentySix is a viable alternative to the Hydra.

Hydra vs. Hydra TwentySix - key points of interest:

  • The AI Hydra TwentySix has 26 LEDs versus the Hydra's 20 LEDs at the same wattage.  (The Hydra TwentySix is more efficient)
  • The LEDs on the Hydra TwentySix are in a tighter cluster which lessens the shadowing or "disco ball" effect.
  • The 2 LED clusters are further apart in the Hydra TwentySix VS the 2 center clusters on the Hydra.  Basically, the Hydra TwentySix provides the power of each two outer clusters of the Hydra within each of its individual clusters.
  • The footprint of the Hydra TwentySix is 7.28"x5.375"x1.6 while the Hydra is 11.9" x 5.4" x 2.1"
  • What is not to love about more output over the same area in a smaller package at the same price?

BioTek Marine is currently developing a Hydra TwentySix mounting bracket similar to the HM mounting arm which presently exists for the standard Hydra fixture, but at a reduce...

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The new Aqua Illumination Hydra TwentySix is presently scheduled to arrive the 1st week of June.  Aquarium Specialty is taking pre-orders now and all pre-orders will ship out the day that the new products arrive into the Aquarium Specialty warehouse.  The picture above depicts the Hydra FiftyTwo along with the new Hydra TwentySix (shown with 2 LED clusters). The new Hydra TwentySix lighting cliuster offers 7 individually colored LEDs in the same configuration as the Hydra FiftyTwo and it is designed to easily illuminate a 24" x 24" footprint for most of the standard-sized aquariums.  The Hydra TwentySix has a Max PAR reading at 263 uMol while the standard Hydra maxes out at 225 uMol.  Each fixture consumes the same 90 watts of power at maxium intensity. For more information on PAR numbers, pricing, and other specifications, please click here.

Arriving next week as a new option, Aquarium Specialty will have the new BioTek Marine acrylic tank mount for the Hydra TwentySix, the standard Hydra, and the Hydra FiftyTwo fixtures.

The New AI Hydra TwentySix Features & Specifications:

  • Packs as much power as the regular Hydra
  • 7.28" x 5.37" x 1.6"
  • 26 total LEDs
  • Compatible with all AI accessories.
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs (.95 kg)
  • Power Consumption: 90 watts at full power
  • Input Power: 100 to 240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
  • Max PAR: 263 uMol 




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      Is it time for an Upgrade?

      Aqua Illumination now offers a Hydra FiftyTwo upgrade for their Sol and Vega legacy fixtures.  As one of the most powerful LED lights available today, the Hydra FiftyTwo delivers 135 watts of high-end LED lighting from 7 different LED colored diodes.  The Hydra FiftyTwo LED fixtures currently retail for $599, however current owners of the AI Sol or AI Vega LED fixtures may upgrade to AI’s best fixture for half the price.

      The Aqua Illumination Hydra FiftyTwo upgrade kit is priced at $299 per fixture provided that you have the heat sink and fan from your previous fixture.  The upgrade is easily and quickly accomplished with a screw driver or allen wrench.  Once installed, the next step is to have your wireless controller or director recognize your new fixture.

      It is fortuitous for Aqua Illumination purchaser's that this company has designed an upgradeable fixture to keep up with the ever changing LED technology.  For information or to order this upgrade, you will need to contact Aqua Illumination directly. As of this date, Aqua Illumination is not offering the upgrade kits to its distributor to provide to their previous Sol and Vega customers.  To order new Aqua Illumination products like the Hydra and Hydra FiftyTwo click here.

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      Ecotech + AI

      Ecotech Marine and Aqua Illumination are merging the two companies together to form one dominate force in the aquarium industry.  Both Aqua Illumination and Ecotech Marine are considered by many to be the best LED lighting companies available in the aquarium industry.  What does this merger mean to you?  Well here is what we know so.

      The partnership between Ecotech Marine and AquaIllumination will provide endless opportunities for development and innovation beyond what each company already provides as individual companies.  Each brand will remain a separate entity and continue to manufacture distinct product lines, but the shared ownership will allow each of us to improve and grow.


      Is either brand being dissolved?
      No, both brands will remain independent. This exciting merger is designed to capitalize on the operational and infrastructure advantages that result from the merger of two US based manufacturers. Product lines and branding will remain separate and occur at the separate Iowa and Pennsylvania facilities.

      Will EcoTech products be sold under the AI brand or vice versa?
      No, the brands and products will remain independent.

      Will I still be able to buy EcoTech  and AI products from my favorite store?
      Yes, there will be no changes to retail availability. AI products will remain distributed by AI and EcoTech products will be distributed by EcoTech.

      Will there be any changes to EcoTech or AI prices?
      No. Prices will not be impacted.

      Who do I contact for customer support?
      EcoTech and A...

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      The new Aqua Illumination Hydra LED Fixture combines the controls of the AI Vega and the unmatched power of the AI Sol at $399.00 per LED module.  The Aqua Illumination Hydra brings a new level of performance to the AI product line.  Available in a black or white case like the rest of the AI LED line, the AI Hydra features wireless connectivity out of the box.
      Unlike the AI Sol Blue & White, the Hydra uses 80 degree lenses to provide uniform light output and color blending. At a maximum of 95 watts from the wall, it follows in the family’s efficient footsteps.


      The AI Hydra utilizes the latest LED technology from leading manufacturers, arranged to provide the best performance.


      Combining the control of the AI Vega and unmatched power of the AI Sol, the AI Hydra brings a new level of performance. Unlike the Sol Blue & White, the Hydra uses 80 degree lenses to provide uniform light output and color blending. At a maximum of 95 watts from the wall, it follows in the family’s efficient footsteps.

      The Hydra fills the visible light spectrum with light to spare. We set the standard in LEDs, and have taken our years of experience and customer feedback to provide an even wider spectral output with the AI Hydra by adding 415nm Violet and 400nm UV LEDs to the mix.

      Visible Spectrum

      80 Degree Lens Array

      It Blends

      The AI Hydra uses 80 degree proprietary lenses to provide uniform light output and color blending.  The Hydra utilizes the same TIR (Total Internal Reflection) optical design while incorporating and diffuse exit sur...

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