Aqua Specialty is pleased to announce that it will be carrying the full line of HM Digital premier water testing instruments, solutions, parts and accessories.  The first shipment of testers is expected to arrive before the end of July.  All orders placed prior to the shipments arrival may be done as pre-orders.  Aqua Specialty is pleased to have another line of water testers available to help round out it's water testing product lines.  Aqua Specialty will be selling the product line through it's wholesale website while Aquarium Specialty will offer the line though its retail channel at

Here's what Jonathan Bale, Sales Manager for HM Digital, had to say about the new distribution agreement.
“HM Digital Inc. is pleased to announce Aquarium Specialty and Aqua Specialty as a new distributing partner!  Having known and worked with Scott over the last 3 years on a smaller scale, I am delighted to have his companies positioned to becoming leading distributors in the Aquarium market.  I look forward to our partnership and their help growing the HM Digital brand.”  -- Jonathan Bayle


HM Digital offers a quick and precise way to test various water parameters including pH, ORP, TDS, Temperature and more. Below are a few of the more popular products with basic product descriptions.  For detailed descriptions and retail pricing please click the link.  Wholesale customers will need to log into Aqua Specialty for wholesale pricing or contact ...

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