Aquarium Specialty has partnered up with CeramEco to distribute CeramEco Vida Rock in the US.

Cerameco 1

Aquarium Specialty has been carrying ceramic rock for almost 7 years from Aquaroche out of France and in the past Aquarium Specialty offered Korallenwelt out of Germany.  The problem has always been the cost to import these items from Europe.  Transportation costs, delivery times and inventory turn have always been the issue for importation from Europe.  As a result Aquarium Specialty struck out to search for a high quality domestic alternative.  Fortunately we already knew about CeramEco so we decided to contact them to learn more about their product line.  After a couple of months of getting to know each other, we struck an agreement to inventory and distribute CeramEco Vida Rock in the US for retail and wholesale customers.

Ok so let's talk more about the Cerameco advantage.

About CeramEco Vida Rock:

CeramEco is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and currently have two divisions, garden and aquatics.  The aquatics division is our focus so here's the skinny on reef ready Vida Rock and why we feel it's a superior alternative to live rock.

1. It's Eco Friendly:

VidaRock a sensible reef keeping solution.

VidaRock is a product that can have a positive effect on the reef keeping industry by eliminating the need to pull live rock from the ocean.  VidaRock puts an end to mining rock and removing live rock from the ocean.  It’s natural and sustainable- Vida Rock is synthetic ceramic aquarium rock and ...

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