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A brand new coral food from Coral Wonders, the maker of Coral Frenzy is going to hit the market in the near future but you can win it before it's even available for purchase. 

Here's how it works:

Aquarium Specialty needs your help so we are giving away a new type of coral food from Coral Wonders to 10 luck winners for a product that hasn't even hit the market yet.  To become eligible all you have to do is post a product review on our website for an aquarium product that you are using.  Throughout the month of November we will be mailing the jars out and posting the results on the comment section below this article.  If this goes well and we get a great response then we might just continue this through December with more chances to win.  Below is a screen shot of an Aqua Illumination LED fixture as an example of how to post a review.  You can review any product that you are using or have used before.

Product Reviews

Post a product review on Aquarium Specialty's website for any product that you are currently using and we will enter you into the drawing.  It only takes a minute to post a review and your name is automatically eligible to win a jar.  The more reviews you write the more chances you will have to win.  We will then ship 1 jar Coral Frenzy 1 mm pellets to 10 different winners.  Good luck and we hope to see a lot of product reviews from you!  No purchase necessary to win.

About Coral Frenzy 1mm Pellets:

Finally, Coral Frenzy is releasing a marine pellet.  We believe this is the best pelle...

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Innovative Marine is about to Launch a line line of larger aquariums that will be available in 3 different models.  By the week of November 18th Innovative Marine and Aquarium Specialty will be offering the SR 60, 80 and 120 Gallon Aquariums rimless aquariums.  Each model features Ultra thick high clarity low iron glass, a leviling rubber mat, flat polished edges, and black silicon.  Each of the Nuvo SR seriers aquariums also features a unique frame that can easily clip into place to keep fish where they are supposed to be.  Now jumpers like many species of wrasses and others will think twice about trying to jump out of the tank to take a little hardwood or carpet nap.

The guesswork has been taken out of the shipping charges.  Each model haas flat rate shipping and the SR Series aquariums are shipping factory direct beginning the week of November 18th according to Innovative Marine.  Pre-orders are being accepeted now through Aquarium Specialty.  

The NUVO SR-Series Aquariums will be shipped via LTL (Less Truck Load). Shipping is a flat rate, residential delivery via pallet w/ truck lift gate.

Nuvo SR Aquarium

SR-60 Features



  • 60 Gallon Capacity
  • Ultra Thick 10mm High Clarity Glass / Low Iron
  • Leveling Rubber Mat
  • DIMS (36” x 24” x 16”)
  • Flat Polished
  • Diamond Edge Polished
  • Black Silicone
  • Aluminum Framed Mesh Screen Lid/Clips



  • Acrylic Filter Wall w / Dual Overflows
  • (2) 4” Micron Sock -  Mechanical Filters
  • (4) Adjustable Return Flare Nozzles
  • (2) 317 Gallons Per Hour Pumps
  • Designated Heater Col...
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Aquarium Specialty Halloween Sale

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By now you may have heard about the new Aqua Illumination Director LED lighting controller.  The AI Director is currently being Beta tested by several users and it appears to be in the final phases of testing.  Aquarium Specialty has placed it's inital stock order for the AI Director and they expect to begin taking pre-orders in the next week or so.  If you wish to get on the pre-order list then please email or call Aquarium Specialty to get in line for the 1st shipment.  Here's more about the Aqua Illumination Director and why we are excited to see this product hitting the market.

Are you heading to MACNA next week?  If so then be sure to stop by the Aqua Illumination booth and check out the Director.  After you see it in action then head over to the Aquarium Specialty booth to pre-order one at the $99.00 introductory price.  No worries if you can't make it to the show.  You can still place pre-orders though the Aquarium Specialty website or hop on the Pay the Day it Ships list by calling Aquarium Specialty.


Unmatched feature set:

  • The new standard in control platforms
  • Control any AI wirelessly enabled device
  • The AI Director can be connected via 802.11 Wifi (with included dongle) or Ethernet
  • You may also access the AI Director via your local network
  • Manage 10 tanks with up to 30 lights with one Director
  • LED control features...
    • Weather
      • Realistic cloud sweeps
      • Lightning Storms
      • Provided an Internet connection, the Director can pull live weather from user configured locations on ...
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Be the Envvy of your aquarium friends with the new Eshopps Envvy iphone 5 cell phone cases.  Aquarium Specialty has both of the new Envvy Peppermint Angel Fish and Clownfish cell phone cases in stock and ready to ship.  To place an order with same day shipping prior to 3:30 PM EST please visit this link at Aquarium Specialty.  Wholesale customer can log into Aqua Specialty and find the cell phone cases in our ornamentals section under Care & Maintenance.


Eshopps Envvy Cell Phone Cases

About the Eshopps Envvy brand and Project

The Envvy brand is all about finding products and converting it to the pet industry. The phone case is Eshopps first project under the new Envvy label and they expect to be launching other items in the near future.  We think it's a great business plan and here's what Louie from Eshopps had to say about it. 

"Just think about it, how many Aquarists have smart phones?  The answer, almost everyone!  How many cell phone users have a cell phone case?  The answer, almost everyone.  The iphone 5 case is our first project.  It’s a little risky and out the norm for us but if it works, we might make a lot of hobbyists happy."

The MSRP is only at $19.99, very affordable considering some of the cases at other fine retailers charge charge $30.00-$40.00 for a basic case and all the way up to $65.00 or more for some of the more exotic cases.

Case Features

  • iphone 5
  • Slick & nice design
  • Nice packaging
  • Comes in two styles: the peppermint angelfish and clown fish
  • lightweight and not overly bulky

Eshopps Envvy cell phone case

Aquarium Specialty...

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BioGro 123

BioGro 123 is a new 3 part probiotic aquarium system that contains several strains of probiotic bacteria that will help reduce nitrates, phosphates and eat away detritus buildup in the aquarium.  BioGro 1 (BioGro Balance) contains 12 strains of bacteria that produce enzymes which are needed for stabile biological balance.  BioGro 2 (Nitrification) contains 14 strains of probiotic bacteria which enhance the nitrification process.  BioGro 2 contains Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, and Nitrospira strains.  To optimize this process, DVH has also added bacillus strains.  These bacillus strains work closely with nitrifying bacteria to help reduce nitrates in the aquarium.  BioGro 3 contains 9 strains of bacteria.  These bacteria remove the slow decaying sludge (detritus).  These bacteria remove the slowly decaying detritus that is a breeding place for pathogen organisms.  Decaying/Rotting detritus can release toxic gasses which can harm your fish and corals and can emanate bad smells from your aquarium.  All BioGro 123 bacteria are pathogen free and naturally cultivated.

Directions for Use:

Shake well before dosing!  Please turn off UV and/or Ozone for 1 day when adding BioGro.  You can dose all 3 steps at one time.  Dosage is based on a average aquarium but dosage can be higher or lower without any negative effects.  Keep away from children, do not ingest.  Please use within 6 months after opening.  Refrigeration after opening is recommended but not necessary. 

  • Start Dosage: 30ml per 50 g...
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