So what is the RoboSnail and what can it do?  Well, let's start from the beginning.  Milan, the owner of Aqua Genesis and I began discussing his concept of th RoboSnail about 3 years ago.  After speaking to him, I realized it was going to probably take a lot more R&D to have the final production model ready so I kept in touch with Milan for the next few years hoping to one day have a prototype to test. Well, that day finally came about 5 months ago and we have been using the RoboSnail and putting it though it's paces ever since.

As of this week, the production model is now available. Our current inventory is being offered at a special introductory rate of $299.00.  Once the current inventory is gone, the pricing will be $349.00 for the foreseeable future.

About the Aqua Genesis RoboSnail:

The RoboSnail™ was designed by an aquarium keeper for an aquarium keeper. It's a superior quality product that offers simplicity and ease for the aquarium enthusiast. 

The RoboSnail is ideal for home use or in the business place.  Locations such as hotels, offices, and restaurants can each benefit and allow you to focus on the business at hand and not your dirty aquarium. RoboSnail saves you time and money.

The RoboSnail is an automated glass cleaner that prevents algae build up on the aquariums surface. This is accomplished by the RoboSnail's unique ability to clean the aquarium's viewing panel once a day without user intervention. The constant preventative cleaning performed by the RoboSnail st...

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