Aquarium Specialty and Triton Aquatics have teamed up to distribute the Bluefin Media Reactors (made in the USA).


Image Shown: Bluefin BP600 Reactor (for use with NP Biopellets)

BR600 Biopellet Reactor

Scott & Steve met at MACNA this year and both quickly realized that each company had products that would easily complement the other.  On the fly Steve agreed to try out PO4x4 and NP Biopellets in their Bluefin reactors at MACNA and the result was a perfect match.  The unique patient pending Pelton designed base plate perfectly complemented the use of NP Biopellets and PO4x4.  Without any moving parts and Pelton baseplate design, the Bluefin reactors are the perfect match for NP Biopellets and PO4x4.  With the flow properly dialed in there is no need to use sponges with PO4x4 and for some aquarists that has sometimes been an issue.  By simply adding a ball or gate valve between a properly sized feed pump and the reactor, you can slowly increase the flow rate until the PO4x4 media begins to fluidize in the bottom 2/3 of the reactor.

Pelton Design


About Triton Aquatics:

From the time he set up his first freshwater tank as a young teen, Steve Lutz has had a fascination with aquariums. He was always looking for cutting edge products to enhance his systems and began building his own equipment, and his first tank, as a young man. In addition to his love of fish, he also had precision machining skills that were in high demand. In 2005, he established Triton Aquatics where he was able to combine his hobby and his skills to c...

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