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Orphek DIF100

Yesterday Aquarium Specialty received the new Orphek DIF-100 100 Watt 16,0000 K LED Pendant and a new shipment of Orphek Atlantik LED Fixtures.  

The DIF-100 is a sample LED that we will be taking to a Zoo for an evaluation.  The Zoo is looking at replacing the T5 lighting over their 50,000 gallon aquarium with LED pendents and we thought this would be the perfect choice for their particular application.  Below are some images with PAR readings from an Apogee PAR meter and some images of the new Orphek DIF-100 pendant.   Please note these are estimated distances from Lens to PAR sensor.  Also, keep in mind that the Orphek DIF-100 pendant comes with 4 different crystal/glass lens options from narrow to wide and in between.  The new pendents are lighter weight, more compact and feature a solid aluminum housing and heat sink along with an adjustable removable swivel arm.

The new Orphek DIF-100 pendent also features a controller connection (Neptune Apex or other) for dimming capability just like the PR72 pendent.

The PAR measurements below were done in our warehouse.

Approx Distance from Lens to Apogee MQ200 Sensor: about 8 inches (pegged out at 3000+)

DIF-100 @ 7"

Approx Distance from Lens to Apogee MQ200 Sensor: 15 inches


DIF-100 @ 15"

Approx Distance from Lens to Apogee MQ200 Sensor: About 40 inches


DIF100 @ 40"



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Nano Black

Aqua Illumination is continuing to launch new products along with a few upgrades to existing products.  The Nano Sol has been around for a while now but now it's available with a black case.  In the past the Aqua Illumination Nano Sol was only available in white but now it's available in black to match your nano aquarium.  Also, Aqua Illumination decided to remove the mounting arm from the package and reduce the price of the fixture for anyone that doesn't need the mounting arm.  Going forward the mounting arm will be sold as an optional accessory.


Aqua Illumination is now offering the new customizable LED PowerPucks with 11 possible color choices.  The Aqua Illumination PowerPucks are selling for $49.99 each on the Aqua Illumination website and they are only available as an upgrade through Aqua Illumination at this time.  If you are buying an Aqua Illumination Vega fixture then you will need to purchase it through your retailer or distributor (Aquarium Specialty is who we would recommend :) and then contact Aqua Illumination if you wish to add a custom PowerPuck to your existing Aqua Illumination Vega fixture.  The latest firmware will recognize each new LED color so it's possible to control the new colors independently as you would expect.  Please visit the link to see the Aqua Illumination PowerPuck Color Configurator in action.

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It's not uncommon for the phone to ring and someone wants us to give us our opinnion on the RLSS protein skimmer line.  so we decided to ask our friends at Aqua Nerd permission to repost an article on the RLSS R6i protein skimmer that they recently reviewed.  Thanks to Brandon Klaus at Aqua Nerd for allowing us to repost his article on our blog and it's safe to say we agree with his assessment of the RLSS R6i skimmers.  We would also like to say that much of the information contained in the article can also be applied to the other models of RLSS Protein Skimmers.  Aquarium Specialty will have a new batch of these skimmers arriving next week (week of 4/15/13) in case you would like to place an order for the RLSS R6-i.  Please note that the packaging below is not typical of the way the RLSS skimmers ship.  This was sent direct to Brandon from the factory overseas and they arrive to us in regular retail packaging on a pallet.  Aquarium Specialty then double boxes them to help insure safe delivery.

RLSS R6-i Cup

Ok now for Brandon's review...

Sometimes our product reviews take a little time to fully complete. We strive to test the equipment under both normal and abnormal operating conditions for an extended period of time in an attempt to really gague how the equipment responds. Such is the case for a RLSS R6-i protein skimmer we received last year. We put the DC controllable skimmer on our 80-gallon frag setup and let her run, and we were more than pleased with the tiny skimmer’s performance.


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BioGro 123

BioGro 123 is a new 3 part probiotic aquarium system that contains several strains of probiotic bacteria that will help reduce nitrates, phosphates and eat away detritus buildup in the aquarium.  BioGro 1 (BioGro Balance) contains 12 strains of bacteria that produce enzymes which are needed for stabile biological balance.  BioGro 2 (Nitrification) contains 14 strains of probiotic bacteria which enhance the nitrification process.  BioGro 2 contains Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, and Nitrospira strains.  To optimize this process, DVH has also added bacillus strains.  These bacillus strains work closely with nitrifying bacteria to help reduce nitrates in the aquarium.  BioGro 3 contains 9 strains of bacteria.  These bacteria remove the slow decaying sludge (detritus).  These bacteria remove the slowly decaying detritus that is a breeding place for pathogen organisms.  Decaying/Rotting detritus can release toxic gasses which can harm your fish and corals and can emanate bad smells from your aquarium.  All BioGro 123 bacteria are pathogen free and naturally cultivated.

Directions for Use:

Shake well before dosing!  Please turn off UV and/or Ozone for 1 day when adding BioGro.  You can dose all 3 steps at one time.  Dosage is based on a average aquarium but dosage can be higher or lower without any negative effects.  Keep away from children, do not ingest.  Please use within 6 months after opening.  Refrigeration after opening is recommended but not necessary. 

  • Start Dosage: 30ml per 50 g...
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AI Wireless Adapter

The long awaited and much anticipated Aqua Illumination wireless adapters are coming to Aquarium Specialty next week and Aquarium Specialty should be one of the 1st companies in the US to get it's hands on the new adapters.  We will have 50 units (25 black and 25 white) arriving next week and orders will begin shipping the day they arrive.  Pre-Order yours now if you would like to get be get one from the first shipment.  We understand that we are getting the lions share of these since we preordered them early on.

About the Aqua Illumination Wireless Adapter:


  • AI Sol
  • AI Sol Nano


Eliminate the mini-dim cable from the controller to the fixture.  Improved controllability and functionality between the wireless controller and wireless adapter.  If you have multiple fixtures then you may want to consider using one wireless adapter for each module.  By doing so you will also eliminate the need to daisy chain the modules together and you will have the added benefit of controlling each fixture independently from one another.

Other Benefits:

  • Left to right or right to left sunset (multiple fixtures)
  • Cloud and storm effects left to right or right to left (multiple fixtures)

AI Wireless Adapter and Controller

Note: You will need the above independently Illumination wireless controller for the wireless adapter to work.  The old (push button) AI controller is not compatible with the wireless adapter.

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Hydor Pro Canister Filters

The Hydor Professional External Filters are a new line of canister filters arriving from Hydor.  The Hydor canister filters feature a rectangular footprint and tight fitting filter baskets that force water through the media and not around it.  Hydor Professional External Canister Filters feature an improved efficient internal motor and added soundproofing features to make the canisters super quiet.

Pro Canister

One of the most attractive aspects of the Hydor Professional Canister besides the design, features and thought that went into building the pro series is the price.  Typically higher end canister filters cost much more and many of them don't offer any media to get started.  That is not the case with the Hydor Pro Canisters.  The canisters come with ceramic rings and filter pads but you will need to add your own carbon. The Hydor Pro Series come in 5 sizes.  Below are the specifications for each model.

Hydor Pro Canister Chart

Parts and replacement media pricing will be listed soon and we are waiting on that to come in from Hydor.

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The information is so detailed we decided to re-post the information directly from the Aqua-Crobes directly from the Aqua-Crobes website.  In other words, we couldn't have said it better.  This is one of the hottest probiotic products in Europe and Aquarium Specialty is now introducing it into the US market.  Aquarium Specialty will be receiving the 1st shipment sometime next week and pricing will be loaded tomorrow or early next week.  Pricing will be available to retail and wholesale customers.


About Aqua-Crobes:

Aqua-Crobes is a biological product of natural occurring bacteria and enzymes that reduce the threat to fish caused by pathogenic bacteria. Through years of field and laboratory research the folks at DVH have developed a line of specifically formulated microbes for maintaining water quality, increasing growth rates and ensuring the health of your aquatic animals. Aqua-Crobes is a competitive excluder of pathogenic microbial diseases such as Vibrio, Pseudomonas, Aeromonas, Streptococcus, Allococcus, Myxobacterium, Columnaris and other gram negative bacteria. The way it works is by creating competition with negative bacteria by introducing bacteria to the water that is beneficial to the fish that live in it. This is a process known as competitive exclusion.  Aqua-Crobes competes with these pathogenic bacteria for the nutrients in the water that they depend on for their survival while waiting to attack your fish.  At the same time little peptides are produced that are t...

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The reef aquarists is almost always on the hunt to find the best and most practical way to create random flow patterns in the reef aquarium.  This article is going to touch on 2 products that help create random flow patters from the sump return pump without adding any additional pumps to the aquarium.  Currently there are several products on the market that create random flow but there only only a handful of products that take the return flow and sweep the water to different spots within the aquarium.  The first product line is from a company called Aquarium Currents, the maker of the various Sea Swirl models.  Aquarium Currents is located about 2 hours to the East in the low country of South Carolina.  They have been around and producing Sea Swirls for 15+ years.  The other company is located in South Korea and they OEM their 2 models to Vertex under the Moceans badge.

Ok, lets start with the Aquarium Currents Sea-Swirl line.  Aquarium Currents offers 5 basic models and the models are setup for 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 1 1/2" diameter return pipes.  Each model can be positioned to sit on top of the aquarium frame it it can be bracketed to fit on all aquariums.

Sea Swirl 1/2":

  • * Compact (5" x 7" x 2½")
  • * Energy efficient (4W) motor is UL Listed and CSA Certified
  • * Max Flow Rate: 550 gph
  • * $139.00


Sea Swirl 3/4":

  • * Compact (5" x 7" x 2½")
  • * Energy efficient (4W) motor is UL Listed and CSA Certified
  • * Max Flow Rate: 850 gph
  • * $179.00


Sea Swirl 1":

  • * Compact (5" x 7" x 2½")
  • * Energy efficient (4W...
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Innovative Marine is about to release their new Nuvo Nano24 gallon aquarium and to celebrate this awesome new aquarium, Aquarium Specialty is doing a giveaway for one of these bad boys.  More about the drawing later.  Here's the skinny of the Innovative Marine Nano Nuvo24.


Innovative Marine Nano NUVO24 Aquarium

The newest Desktop Series Innovative Marine Nuvo24 gallon aquarium is the perfect blend of unique beauty & customizable function.  Innovative Marine has redesigned the "traditional" nano, by offering an impressive 36" of panoramic viewing & providing more valuable real estate to create limitless aquascapes. Enjoy crystal clear water powered by a 476 GPH pump with dual overflow intakes, dual media baskets, dual flare nozzles, and enlarged baffle columns that easily accommodate (2) MiniMax media reactors & (1) SkimMate protein skimmer.

Showcase your new living art on the custom acrylic pedestal to create a focal point wherever it's placed.

Innovative Marine Nuvo Nano 24 Gallon Aquarium Features:

  • 24 Gallon Capacity
  • 6 mm Bent Glass
  • Tempered Glass Lid & Clips
  • Acrylic Pedestal
  • DIMS (36” x 12.2” x 13”)
  • Available in Black or White
  • Acrylic Filter Wall w/ Dual Overflows
  • (2) Media Baskets
  • Mechanical Sponges
  • Activated Carbon Sponges
  • Phosphate Sponges
  • (2) Flare Nozzles
  • Designated Expanded Water Column
  • Accommodates (1) MiniMax Reactor (Bio Pellets) & (1) SkimMate Protein Skimmer (Sold Separately)
  • Designated Water Column (1) MiniMax Reactor (Sold Separately)
  • Lighting Sold Separately


OK, here's how the d...

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Waveline DC3000

The Waveline DC3000 DC Controllable pumps can be used as a return pump, reactor or skimmer pump.  Out of the box the DC3000 pump includes the standard return impeller, 6 speed adjustment controller, 10 minute feed timer button and 2 sets of hose barb fittings that can be connected via the included union coupling.  In a relatively short amount of time Waveline DC pumps have revolutionized the way people look at aquarium pumps and many people are switching off their standard AC pumps and going to the super quite, reliable, adjustable and energy saving DC controllable pumps from Waveline.

Waveline DC-3000 Specifications:

  • Input: DC24V  (converted by AC100-240V 50/60 Hz)
  • Wattage: 30
  • Water Flow Rate: 3000 Liters Max (900 gallons per hour)
  • Water Flow Height: 6'
  • Dimensions:5 1/2" L x 3" W x 4 1/2" H )

For more information about Waveline DC Controllable Pumps and accessories visit the link to Aquarium Specialty.


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