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Ecotech Frag Plugs

Ecotech Marine, the makers of Radion LED fixtures, MP Series Wavemaker Pumps, and Coral Glue (just to name a few of their products) is now offering a slick new frag plug that easily nestles into the cross hairs of your egg crate frag racks.  

EcoTech Marine Frag Plugs will be available to purchase separately in 50-count bags. Each bag retails for $29 and is available for pre-order now.  Orders will begin shipping the week of January 27th.  Ecotech frag plugs are available in 3 colors: natural, purple and black.  You also have the option of ordering them in a mixed bag variety.  Leave it to the Ecotech engineers to design a frag that maximizes egg crate real estate as evident in the photo below.  The scored surface of the plug is also a great feature when compared to some of the other smooth-surfaced plugs on the market.  Glue more easily binds to the scored surface of the plug thus minimizing the likelihood of your prized frag detaching from the plug's surface and ending up elsewhere in your aquarium.

Ecotech plugs

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The new Build My LED XB Series (very high output) are now be offered for sale from Build My LED (BML) and Aquarium Specialty.  These unique strip LED lights offer special proprietary optics not found in other aquarium LED lights.  The BML optics spread the light in such a way that it reduces dark shadows under overhangs giving the aquarium a more uniform lighting appearance.

The BML LED light strip are available in 4 stock colors including; 12000K, 14000K, Super Actinic and Purple Wave which produces a visible light spectrum ver similar to the Korallin Zucht Fiji Purple and the ATI Purple Plus T5 lamp.  The strips are available in 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 48", 60" and 72" lengths and they can be tank mounted with the option tank mount bracket or they can be hung with a BML hanging kit for easy hight adjustment and light spread.  Optics options are also available in 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 degree configurations.  We have included a table to help you decide what optics are best for your particular needs.  Keep in mind that this is just a recommendation and it's possible you may decide to go with different optics for your unique setup.  Other than the 4 available stock spectrums, Build My LED also offers custom spectrums but most people will find that the stock configurations are just what is needed for coral growth and coloration.  For pricing on the XB Series and standard series BML fixtures please visit here.

Several videos are available on the above link and the one below are so...

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V6 Pump

The new V6 Flow Pump,  is the latest product coming to through the pipeline from Vertex Aquaristik.  The V6 water pump will be powered by the Askoll motor block which produces 1584 gallons per hour of water flow with a maximum head pressure of 8 feet (2.5 meters).  At 65 watts of power this is one efficient AC pump.

Besides reliable water flow, the Vertex V6 is also virtually inaudible in the typical aquarium environment. Sound and vibration is minimized by rubber base feet and a massive CNC machined pump head that dampens any vibrational noise that could be transferred from the pump’s base to the hard surfaces of the sump.

A custom volute sits at the business end of the V6 and is threaded to a PN16 slip union. This makes it easy to use schedule 40 or 80 PVC hard pipe or flexible PVC pipe (Spa Flex) your sump while allowing for easy removal.

Vertex Aquaristik tells us that each V6 impeller shaft is individually custom machined to perfection from a special corrosion resistant alloy, using state of the art equipment and technology resulting in an unparalleled, resilient, and long-lasting impeller assembly.

For pre-order information please click this link.


  • Length: 20cm/ 7.9”
  • Width:  10.5cm / 4.15”
  • Height: 17cm / 6.8”



Input-Power: 110V / 60Hz
Power Consumption:    ̴ 65W
Input:    32mm / 1.25”
Output: 25mm / 1”
Flow <  6000LPH / 1584 US-Gallons
Pressure < 2.5meters / 8’

Construction: PVC Base, Pump head
Shaft: Hardened Alloy
Fastners: M6 / Grade II Titanium
Warranty: ...
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Radion Gen 3

The Radion Generation 3  and Gen 3 Pro is Here!

The best LED aquarium light fixtures just got even better.

EcoTech Marine is excited to announce the Radion XR30wG3 and XR30wG3Pro. Generation 3 Radions are available for immediate order from Aquarium Specialty and will begin shipping out to customers next week. 

What's New in the G3?

The first thing you'll notice is the sleek updated design, including illuminated tactile buttons, but where you will really see a difference is in the output.

  • The G3 base model now includes indigo/UV LEDs, providing more output, and a wider spectrum than its predecessor the G2.
  • The G3 Pro model further raises the bar for max PAR and spectral output by taking advantage of top bin Cree XP-G2 and Osram Oslon Square LEDs.

In addition, reef enthusiasts can further customize their G3 and G3 Pro output at any time by purchasing EcoTech's new  120 degree wide-angle TIR lenses. Best of all, both the G3 and the G3 Pro fully integrate with the EcoSmart Live platform, enabling complete control over your Radion lighting -- any time, anywhere.

The Radion Gen 3 LED Fixtures come standard with 80 TIR lenses and out of the box the light spread will cover a 30" x 30" area.  For wider aquariums we recombined changing out the TIR 80 degree lenses (2 per fixture) to the 120 degree TIR lenses for 36" x 36" coverage.  Per Eric at Ecotech Marine we should expect greater efficiency and better color rendering with the changes made to the blue and white diodes.

For pre-orders and mor...

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Aquarium Specialty is setting up a new low iron glass 60 gallon cube featuring a lot of high end equipment and we are naming it the MOACC (Mother of All Clown Cubes).  We unashamedly borrowed the concept of the name from Reef Builders who named our MATSA Aquarium (Mother of All Trade Show Aquariums) a couple of years back.  The MOACC aquarium will house a few different anemones including a rather difficult to keep blue carpet anemone and a Rainbow Inferno Bubble Tip Anemone along with about 30 Proaquatix captive raised clown fish that just arrived today.  

We will keep this going as an active blog post with updated specs, pictures and videos.  Down the road we might even add a web came just for fun.  To stay up to date with additions to our MOACC display please like us on facebook or feel free to bookmark the page.  We hope you will enjoy our little pet project.

The photos taken on 12/12/13 are under a 16K Orphek DIF100 pendant.  We will have the new "anemone" diode array sometime next week if all goes well.  At that time we will be introducing the blue carpet anemone.

Here's a list of the equipment included in the setup.

  • Deep Blue 60 Gallon Rimless low iron glass tank (24"x24"x24")
  • Aquaroche Ceramic Rock
  • CaribSea Tropical Isle Tahitian Moon Sand
  • Blue Life USA black background
  • Trigger 20" x 20" x 15" custom sump
  • Waveline DC6000 Return Pump
  • RLSS R6-i Protein Skimmer
  • Triton Aquatics PO4x4 Reactor
  • Orphek DIF100 with custom anemone diode array with Neptune Control
  • Neptune Apex Controller
  • Verte...
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Recently Polyp Lab out of Canada developed a new amino acid and fatty acid blend that also contains Astaxanthin is a coral food supplement designed to enhance dry coral foods such as Reef Roids, Fauna Marin LPS Food, Coral Frenzy pellets and Reef Pearls.  Polyp Booster comes in an easy to use 100ml glass dropper bottle that can trigger a feeding response in corals, crustaceans, invertebrates and fish in under 30 seconds.  Here's an impressive Polyp Booster coral feeding directed by Thomas Vision Reef.  Dosage is 1 ml per 60 gallons of aquarium water and at $24.95 per bottle it's sure to be a big hit for all reef aquarium enthusiasts.  For more information on Polyp Lab Polyp Booster please click the link above.

To view the video please click the article title above and the video will appear when the page refreshes.

Polyp Booster

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Thanks to our friends at Aqua Nerd for letting us repost the article below.  Aquarium Specialty expects the lenses to be in stock the week of December 9th, 2013 and pre-orders can be placed here.

TIR Wide Angle Lens

EcoTech Marine continues to roll out the goodies this year, with their latest coming in the form of a new set of wide angle Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lenses for the über popular Radion LED light fixtures. As their name suggests, the new wide angle TIR lenses really spread out the light, making them ideal for aquariums with a larger footprint or those that just need a little less focused light spread (think shallower tank, soft coral reef, etc). According to EcoTech Marine, the new lenses give a single Radion a spread of 36″x36″, as compared to the 24″x24″ given by the stock lens.

 According to the press release, which was released via Facebook, the new TIR lens kits are optimized for the highest PAR possible over the much wider area. While the light has been spread around, the Radion’s reach will still be up to 24″ deep.

The TIR lens will be sold as an accessory, and will fit all models of the Radion that are currently on the market. The wide-angle lens kit, which consists of two individual lenses, will retail for $35.00 and is already available to purchase.

TIR Comparison

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Aqua Illumination caught us off guard again with their new and improved Aqua Illumination Wireless Controller that features improved buttons for easier control and a vivid color display while remaining at the same $79.95 cost as the older version.  For wireless and world wide control from your smart phone, tablet, or desktop please see the Aqua Illumination Director controller.

AI Wireless Controller

AI Wireless Controller Advantages:

With a vivid display and built-in wireless capability the Aqua Illumination controller is sure to make managing your lighting very colorful.  The new AI Controller features include:

  • Wireless Control
  • Intuitive easy to Navigate Menus
  • Sweeping Clouds & Lightning
  • Up to 30 Timers
  • Easy press buttons
  • Increased Menu Options
  • Energy Saver screen mode
  • Includes USB Power Adapter


New, Improved Buttons

Controllers now feature more reliable, easier to use buttons. Each button makes a subtle audible click when pressed to help users know that the button has been engaged.

Simply Simple

With a new, vivid color display and user-friendly interface, the new controller is easier to read and fun to use.

Weather Effects

Setup sweeping cloud cover which travels across light fixtures. Add lightning to the mix for the ultimate in realistic weather effects.

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Hydra Fifty Two

12/09/13: Now in Stock!

Aquarium Specialty is pleased to announce that the new Aqua Illumination Hydra FiftyTwo LED Fixtures are on the way from Aqua Illumination.  We expect the shipment to arrive by Friday, December 6th or December 9th at the latest.  Designed for maximum light intensity for high light loving corals and deeper aquariums.  The Hydra FiftyTwo fixtures come in at $599.00 per fixture and they are suited to work with the Director or Wireless controller.  You can pre-order the Hydra FiftyTwo fixtures here.



Hydra 52 Specs

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Aquarium Specialty 2013 MVP Awards
Aquarium Specialty is pleased to announce it's 1st Annual Most Valuable Product (MVP) Awards.  The 2013 Aquarium Specialty MVP Award recognizes aquarium manufacturers and their products which have excelled in the following areas:

Customer Feedback
Ease of Use
Number of Units Purchased
Build Quality
Product Support & Customer Service
  • In 2013, more than 7000 products were considered from over 200 manufacturers.  This year's Aquarium Specialty MVP award categories are:

Aquarium Controllers - Neptune Systems - Apex Controller
Specialty Product - Gryphon - AquaSaw CR40R
Temperature Control - Tradewind - Tradewind Chillers
New Up and Coming Company - Triton Aquatics

All of the 2013 Aquarium Specialty MVP Awards are in now!   Today we are announcing the Aquarium Specialty MVP 2013 awards for Aquarium Reactors and for the 2013 "Up and Coming Company of the Year".  Congratulations to each of the winners and thank you all for producing great aquarium products which help us and our customers to keep and maintain healthy and successful aquariums!
The 2013 Aquarium React...
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