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Red Dragon 230W Speedy Pump

The New Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 230 Watt Pump is the Beast - Coming Soon!

This pump is sure to be a big hit with large aquarium enthuiasts.  The stock version of the RD3 Speedy 230 is rated at 5283 gallons per hour (20,000 liters) at a height of 6.56 feet (2 meters).  Like it's smaller siblings, the 230W is completely DC controllable by way of the accompanying DC Interface.  The Speedy 230 Watt comes standard with the 1-10v interface that will allow the user to connect to a Neptune Apex or GHL Profilux aquarium controller.  We haven't had an opportunity to experience the pump in operation as of yet, however, if it's anything like the 50 watt and 80 watt pumps then expect it to be nearly silent.  Word is that Royal Exclusiv plans to also incorporate the pump into it's largest skimmers utilizing a special impeller, as show on the right hand side of the picture (below).

Preorders are now being accepted here.

Red Dragon Impellers

Check out the specifications and features from the newest pump in the Red Dragon Speedy Series.  

Technical data  Red Dragon® 3 Speedy pump 230 Watt 20.5 m³:
230 Watt/h @ 21.32 feet (6.5 meters) maximum pressure height
speed adjustable brushless DC pump
Watt-Display at the controller /// in 2 Watt steps adjustable
intake side 2.5" (63 mm) - pressure side 2" (50 mm)
operating voltage: 110V/60Hz
pump and controller with a removeable Hirschmann-plug-connection 
Protection class pump: IP 68  control unit: IP 66   
Weight pump: 7.72 lbs (3.5 kg) 
Weight controller: 2.65 lbs (1.2kg)
Height of...

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BioTek Marine BTM3000 Saltwater Submersible Sensor Wand

BioTek Marine PAR Sensor Wand

To see our BTM3000 product video please click the title of this article and the video link will be displayed.

The new BioTek Marine BTM3000 Saltwater Submersible Sensor Wand mounts directly to the BioTek Marine sensor head and are now being offered at Aquarium Specialty and soon expect to see them available at other online retailers in the very near future.  The BioTek Marine PAR sensor wand is designed to work with the BTM3000 PAR Sensor head and it is also completely compatible with all Apogee radiation sensors such as the popular MQ200 PAR Meter.  For more information including pricing please visit here or you can also visit BioTek Marine.


  • 33" long (84 cm)
  • Saltwater Safe
  • Compatible with BioTek Marine BTM3000 Sensor and Apogee radiation sensors
  • Fiberglass Construction
  • padded handle
  • Won't Rust
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Ecotech Marine QuietDrive

Ecotech Marine has reinvented it's MP Series wavemaker pumps with it's new QueitDrive models.  As of last week we thought they were only going to offer this for the MP40 but as we discovered, Ecotech is coming out with three new models.  These models will all be called the QuietDrive series pumps and each model with have the QD designation and each model has been completely redesigned from the ground up.  Ecotech Marine is promissing more flow and 90% noise reduction!

At the heart of the pump you will find a completely new way to spin the magnet.  Instead of using a motor with a magnet attached to it, Ecotech Marine is now using a brushless DC design that simply ocelates the polarity to spin the magnet.  What does this mean?  It means no moving parts on the dry side of the pump which equates to a lot less noise.  According to Ecotech, you might not even be able to hear the new QD series pumps even in pulse mode or at full speed.

Ecotech Marine QuietDrive

Also, Ecotech Marine has announced that the controller will be completey redisigned.  The clam shell is the same but the electronics are newly designed.  Aditionally the wet side is getting a face lift that helps with the increase in effeciency that will help move 40% more water for a total of 4,500 GPH running at full speed.

A lot of questions still remain but we are super excited about the new technology Ecotech Marines is introducing with it's MP40QD, MP10QD and MP60QD.  Check back with us again soon.  As we learn more from from our friends at Ecotech...

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The folks here at Aquarium Specialty have responded and made our voices heard.  We hope that you will join us in speaking out to protect our industry while observing responsible reef collecting.  It only took about 5 minutes to write a short note to the Hawaiian legislature.  Please click the link below and ask them to vote against the proposed bills.  Time is running out and everyone in our hobby/industry needs your help!  Please click the link below and take 5 minutes of your time for this important cause.


Legislation Would End the Aquarium Trade in Hawaii

Friday, February 6, 2015

The House Ocean, Marine Resources, & Hawaiian Affairs Committee of the Hawaii Legislature plans to debate and vote on three bills that directly target the aquarium trade. Animal rights activists have targeted the marine aquarium trade in Hawaii and think that they have a friendly enough legislature to push through their agenda.  Many of these proposals start from an assumption that the fishing associated with the pet industry is hurting the local population of native species that is completely disproven by science. 

Since the animal rights community has a long history of never letting facts or reason get in the way of an emotional argument, we need to make our voices heard. And we have little time as all comments need to be sent by 5 p.m. HST (10 p.m. EST) on Tuesday, Feb. 10th


The proposed bills in question are:

  1.  HB 606 - Establishes a 10-year moratorium on the taking of aquarium fish. This is the...
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QuietDrive Vortech pump to be formally announced next week.  Stay tuned.  Could it be a solid state dry side pump and new quieter wet side?  For a little more info on this visit:

Votech Quite Drive

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Triton Labs Base Elementz

Triton Labs Base Elements

We are pleased to announce that the much talked about Triton Method for professional water testing analysis and trace elements additives are now available from Aquarium Specialty.  

Not familiar with the Triton Method? Then please read on.  Simply put, the Triton Method is the precise way to better understand your aquarium water, what's in your water, and how to better mimic natural sea water.

First, I would like to discuss  a little of the technology behind the Triton Method.  The Triton Method uses a very specialized piece of equipment that uses Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometry analysis (ICP-OES).  Using Spectrometry, the Triton Lab analyzes concentrations of 32 elements that include Na, Ca, Mg, K, Sr, B, Br, S, Li, Be, Ba, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Al, Si, As, Sb, Sn, Cd, Se, Mo, Hg, P (PO4), Pb, I.

Example of Lab result from Triton Labs.

Triton Labs Test Results

Until recently, this technology was not available to aquarists. Aquarium Specialty is extremely excited to be able to offer a solution that takes some of the guesswork out of aquarium husbandry as it relates to overall water quality.

Here's what Triton Labs says about "The Triton Method".

“Empowered Reefkeeping” is at the core of “The Triton Method” , and it all starts with information about your aquarium’s water. For the time ever, reefkeepers have access to the most detailed analysis of aquarium water ever available to hobbyists.

Developed over several years at his facility in Dusseldor...

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Majano Wand

Majano Wand

Getting rid of Majano Anemones is Easy with the Majano Wand.  Please watch our latest video on how to use the Majano wand to eradicate majano anemones from your aquarium.  These pests can easily reproduce in the reef aquarium and become a big nuisance to corals.  Gone unchecked they can overrun your live rock and take the fun out of reefing.

The Majano Wand comes in 2 sizes but both wands work in the same way.  The small wand is 5" long while the long wand is 25.5" long for deeper aquariums.  It's safe and easy to use as long as you follow the instructions.  Click on the title of the article above to view the video or click this link.  For majano wand pricing and more product information please visit here.

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The new Multi Light Ecotech Marine Radion Mounting System (RMS) is the most versitle way to mount multiple Radion XR30, XR30 Pro and XR15PRO LED lights over aquariums up to 90.5" long.  For all the details about the new system please keep reading or click here to see everything including more product photos and pricing for this highly anticipated mounting system.

Ecotech Marine Radion RMS Mounting System


About the RMA Mounting System:

Multi Light RMS

The multi-light RMS offers a customizable multi light mount solution for Radion XR30, XR30PRO & Radion XR15 lights. The multi-light RMS system features include:

  • Built-in cable management
  • Compatible with rimmed, rimless, and eurobraced tanks
  • Extremely rigid and light
  • Anodized Aluminum Finish
  • Flexible slide mounts allow for you to move and rotate your Radion position to perfectly illuminate your corals
  • Mounts Radions optimally at approximately 7 inches 18cm above glass
Flexible Design to Fit Your Needs

Because the multi-light RMS is a modular system, you can choose the components that fit your needs. To build a mount you will need a set of arms, the right rail for your tank and the number and model of light mounts that fit your setup.

It’s as simple as A,B and C.

Ecotech Marine Radion RMS Mounting System

Rails In All Lengths

Aquariums come in all shapes and sizes. To accommodate the vast majority of commercially available and custom aquariums the RMS multi-light rails start at 20.5 inches and increase in 10 inch increments to 90.5 inch. The multi-light RMS allows for adjustment of the rail with respect to the arms – meaning th...

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BioTek Marine SQ420 PAR Sensor

Can you guess what new product Biotek Marine has working on lately by looking at the above picture?  Well, if you guessed a new BioTek Marine USB BTM-3000 PAR Sensor with Aquarium Specific Software then you would be correct.  In the very near future BioTek Marine will be launching the new USB PAR sensor into the market.  The BioTek Marine PAR sensor is the result of a collaboration which began about a year ago when Scott Groseclose from Aquarium Specialty reached out to Apogee Instruments with an idea to co-develop a USB PAR sensor geared towards aquarists.  Apogee began to research and develop the new chip design while BioTek Marine specified the software requirements.  If you find yourself asking "how is it different from the Apogee MQ200 PAR Meter?", then READ ON......  

Here is a sneak peak of the product and some of its features:

Like the more expensive MQ200 model, the new BioTek Marine USB PAR model will offer data logging.  However, BioTek Marine has included some other nifty software features not available in the MQ200. Due to the current stage of development, the details on those features will be discussed in a later article.  The PAR sensors will be laser etched with the BioTek Marine name and they will come standard with a 15 foot USB cable.  The firmware will be be downloadable to any PC or MAC (MAC firmware coming soon) device and the firmware and updates will be downloadable from the Aquarium Specialty website.  

The first 3 production models will be going to Jake...

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2014 MVP Award
Aquarium Specialty is pleased to announce it's 2nd Annual Most Valuable Product (MVP) Awards.  The 2014 Aquarium Specialty MVP Award recognizes aquarium manufacturers and their products which have excelled in the following areas:

Customer Feedback
Ease of Use
Number of Units Purchased
Build Quality
Product Support & Customer Service
  • In 2014, more than 7000 products were considered from over 200 manufacturers.  This year's Aquarium Specialty MVP award categories are:

    MVP - Wave Maker
    MVP - Aquarium Controller
    MVP - Aquarium Lighting for Sm & Midsize Tanks
    MVP - Aquarium Lighting for Larger Tanks
    MVP - Water Pump
    MVP - Best Value Protein Skimmer
    MVP - Best Overall Protein Skimmer
    MVP - Best All-In-One Skimmer
    MVP- Temperature Control
    MVP - Best All-In-One Aquarium Series
    MVP - Aquarium Reactor
    MVP - Best New Product

    Most Anticipated Product

    Each business day 2 new category award winners will be announced until all 12 categories have been awarded.  This year we have also added 1 extra category designated as the Most Anticipated Product of the Year.

    All of the 2014 Aquarium Specialty MVP Awards are in now!  Today we are announcing the Aquarium Specialty MVP 2014 awards for Aquarium Reactors and for the 2014 "Up and Coming Company of the Year".  Congratulations to each of the winners along with our sincere gratitude for producing such great products which help to achieve and maintain healthy and successful reef environments!
    Ecotech MP Series Wavemaker
    For the 2nd year in a row, the MVP Wave Maker of Ye...
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